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7 Signs You Are In Love With A Mature And Dedicated Man

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by Conscious Reminder

Are you stuck with a man-child, or do you have the love of a mature man? How do you decide if the person you are dating is actually worth your time and energy?

What factors indicate that your man truly knows what he wants to do with his life and wants to share that life with you?

Easier said than spotted in reality, here are 7 signs you can look out for. These signs indicate that your partner is indeed a mature man and not another childish boy in the garb of a man. Such childish men often end up wasting your time, and, in the worst cases, can also diminish your trust in love and relationships.

So, keep an eye on these signs, and you’d know if your man is dedicated to you:

1. He has his life together

One of the most important signs of a mature man is that he has his life sorted and priorities straight. They have their goals and plans to reach those goals. They recognize the importance of the relationship and want you to grow with them.

2. An exclusive relationship

A mature man knows the importance of communication and won’t keep you guessing about the status of your relationship. He would proudly declare his love and accept you before everyone. If your man still keeps you guessing, it’s time to move on.

3. He respects your opinions

An insecure man-child will find it hard to understand a different perspective or even respect it. This is what distinguishes such men from mature men. Mature men know how to respect their women and what they bring in the partnership.

4. No more drama!

A grown-up man would never allow useless drama to disturb his peace. Immature men often indulge in manipulative mind games and other types of drama that can drain your energy. A mature man steers clear of such drama because he knows what’s worth his time.

5. A mature man is not jealous

Jealousy often gives rise to controlling tendencies that can severely harm a relationship. Your mature partner won’t be jealous if you hang around with your male friends or even if someone flirts with you. They have faith in you and know how to deal with such situations. A loving relationship has no place for jealousy and pettiness, and your man will know that.

6. He accepts his mistakes

One of the greatest signs of maturity is that a person recognizes their mistakes and works to improve them. We all make mistakes, but it is only the mature ones who own up to them. If they hurt you, they immediately apologize and try to make up with you.

7. A mature man recognizes your worth

If you are in a loving relationship with a mature man, you know that he recognizes your true worth. Neither do they doubt you, nor do they let you doubt your abilities. Every time you hit a low, they help you get up and remind you of your magic. What else could you ask from a partner?

A relationship takes hard work from both ends. One cannot sit idle and expect the other to pull things through every time. When you are with a man-child, you will constantly feel drained.

They have their tantrums, and mind games, they fail to recognize the value you bring to the relationship, and they will never return you the love you invest.

But when you are with a mature man, his actions will speak louder than his words. He will show you how a woman should be treated. He can make mistakes, but he won’t be shy of apologizing.

Don’t waste your love on someone who is not worthy of you. And if you have found your man, make sure you don’t let petty fights get in the way. Love them and cherish them.

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