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Things To Go For And Things To Avoid During June Strawberry Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The eclipse season is finally over and we will be receiving the first full moon of 2021.

This annual lunation is also known as the Strawberry Moon that will shine on our skies on 24th June. We will enjoy the benefits of our hard work obtained from this astrological energy because it is both the 1st full moon as well as the last super moon of this year.

Full Moon energy is usually buoyant and refreshing. This last lunation will also bring good energy and positive news for everyone.

Nonetheless, this is a lunar high point in the month of June that is a good chance of cleansing our emotional slate before the arrival of summer. We will be able to sail through the intensity of this lunation by carefully following the “do’s” and “don’ts”.

Things You Should Be Focusing On:  

1. Listen To Yourself- This Strawberry Full Moon is taking place in Capricorn which is an earth sign and normally represents determination. The rising full moon in Capricorn will bring a strong sense of empowerment to all the zodiac signs.

On the other hand, every human being has another person they are answerable to. However, we eventually must understand that nobody else has the authority over our life. As a result, we must take complete ownership of our decisions and keep the steering wheel of our life in our own hands.

2. Assert Superiority At Work- The energy of Capricorn is usually associated with careers and exuberates business-mindedness. Hence this lunation symbolizes the perfect time to take long strides in our professional life.

We must capitalize on this energy by making well-planned decisions in our ongoing projects and display our talents at work by concluding our assignments with success.

3. Indulge In Spiritual Ritual- Strawberry Moon is the 1st lunation since the eclipse season had concluded and we all are in dire need of spiritual cleansing. Subsequently, we must respect this lunation period by means of mysticism.

We can schedule a powerful release ritual in order to clean our emotions and eliminate everything that no longer has a place in our life.

4. Bring Work-Life Balance- Strawberry Moon is unfolding in the Cancer/Capricorn zodiac axis that is closely associated with the tussle between our private and public life.

This full moon gives the ideal opportunity to balance our personal and professional responsibilities in a harmonious manner.

Things You Should Be Avoiding:

1. Suppress Your Emotions- The previous month was extremely intense and chaotic owing to the double eclipse and Mercury retrograde. This lunation is the perfect phase for us to openly express our emotions.

We must make time to process our feelings in any suitable way like crying in front of friends or listening to our favorite songs.

2. Rush Towards Destination- Our progress path is certainly cleared of the confusion and we have ultimately managed to obtain clarity of vision after Mercury retrograde.

Nonetheless, the Capricorn vibe demands us to remain patient and take time to reach our goals. We must remember that hard work always pays off.

3. Lose Touch With Yourself- Along with the potent Strawberry Full Moon, we are also experiencing cancer season. Naturally, this period of time makes us acutely aware of our inner voice as we come very close to our hearts.

This feeling encourages us to honor our comfort zone as well as protect our energy at the present moment. We must remember to say yes only when we are totally sure about it and are willing to emotionally invest in that thing.

This super moon will inspire us all to enjoy the juicy and ripe opportunities coming our way this summer. In addition, we must optimally utilize this lunation energy to unlock lunar magic.

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