Aquarius Full Moon Rising July 23rd/24th: Ease & Lightness

by Conscious Reminder

Between 23rd and 24th July of 2021, we will see the height of this lunar cycle, as the Aquarius Full Moon takes place. There will be two Full Moons in Aquarius this season.

The second one will take place next month. Having consecutive Full Moons in Aquarius means that the two Moons will harmoniously work with each other. Whatever turns up at the first one may have a link with the second one on 22nd August.

The Aquarius sign is also emphasized by the two Moons being in the same sign. The air sign Aquarius is denoted by a water bearer. It is gifted with the ability to collect water, which represents the world’s emotions, inside its vessel.

Then it uses the air’s power to transmute them. Finally, it pours them back into the world, resulting in a changed consciousness.

The Healing Quality Of Aquarius Full Moon

This act of nourishment makes Aquarius a natural healer. Its healing energy can be connected fully on the Full Moon in July. It will be even more effective since the Spirit Medicine asteroid Chariklo will be active as well at the time.

Chariklo stands for our healing journey’s spiritual side. It lets us explore unseen worlds. As a result, we have a better understanding of our higher purpose. It also lets us understand the potential spiritual growth accompanying a crisis in healing.

Currently, Chariklo is also in Aquarius. It will be in conjunction with the July Full Moon. A healing and soothing vibration will be added as a result. If we walk a kind of healing journey, Chariklo will ask us to contemplate its spiritual side.

Chariklo, when mixed with the energy of the Aquarius Full Moon, will also support us in finding other methods of healing. The energetic methods will be in special focus. So alternative therapies, vibrational medicines, channeling, reiki, energy healing, and crystals will all be extra beneficial now.

This Is The Period For Change And Freedom

Pluto’s location will also emanate some strong energy supporting transformation. The planet will be very active during the Full Moon. It stands for rebirth and death.

Since Full Moons usually bring completion and endings, the “death” phase may be more prevalent. Think about what needs to be destroyed, or let go, to be reborn.

We can feel like releasing something from our life, or our intuition might whisper to us some much-needed changes. If they do not feel tangible now, we will see them much more clearly in the August Full Moon. The July Full Moon calls for change. It might be changing directions, or rebirthing a dysfunctional area in our life.

We may feel like being proactive and thinking about where we want some changes. Having the answers isn’t necessary, but keeping the mind open to possibilities will be beneficial.

The energy of Aquarius is revolutionary. So we will be encouraged to think innovatively, and re-order things, to think of a better and new way. Embrace it when your life gets affected by it. See how old or rigid habits can be broken, and find new ways of doing or seeing things.

The energy of Aquarius also has a lot to do with freedom. So the July Full Moon can make us release things that feel trapped or stuck. Ask yourself, how you can make your life lighter and easier, and see how you are inspired.

As the changing energies of the first Aquarius Full Moon fade, we should be much freer and lighter. We may feel more supported and guided to lift some things weighing down our shoulders.

Any work in energy healing will also be supported by the Full Moon. Follow whatever calls you to nurture the Spirit.

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