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What Does It Mean To Be In Somebody Else’s Dream?

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by Conscious Reminder

When you are in someone else’s dream, it doesn’t essentially mean that you are their secret crush!

Sometimes, it’s much more than that! There might be instances where people have dreams about getting into a bad fight with their friends or loved ones. In real life, however, they might be getting along perfectly.

Sometimes, they have intimate dreams about people that they don’t find attractive in the real world. That raises a lot of questions about the meaning of being in someone else’s dream.

The Dream Might Say A Lot Less About You, And A Lot More About The Dreamer!

Honestly, it is not that simple! While the meaning might seem very obvious to you, there are more things at play that can provide you with insightful knowledge about your subconscious!

What it means to be in somebody else’s dream can reveal a lot about the one dreaming about you and what you mean to them! When we are dreaming, most people and things appear as symbols and hints for certain situations, relationships, or feelings that we encounter in our real lives.

Interpretation of someone else’s dreams says a lot less regarding you and a lot more regarding the qualities or feelings that the dreamer is associating with you! An exactly similar theory can be applied to the question: What does it mean for somebody to appear in your dreams?

A dream consists of many layers which can have very different meanings. But what it means is that the dreamer is trying to process subconsciously their feelings towards you and the relationship that you guys share.

The dream can also be a revelation of the qualities and characteristics that the dreamer generally associates with the one they are dreaming about! This is from the interview of MaKayla McRae, a mystical practitioner with Bustle.

Next time you come to know of somebody dreaming about you, don’t be quick to jump to a conclusion! Instead explore the details of the dream and try to interpret it together. It can be quite fun!

When Do You Appear In Someone Else’s Dream In A More Positive Way?

Sometimes, it feels sweet to know that you are appearing in someone else’s dream more positively. Appearing in someone else’s dream more positively could essentially mean that the dreamer has positive and affectionate feelings towards you. In this scenario, mostly the dreamer has happy emotions linked to you.

The dreamer can relate to a lot of qualities that he/she finds admirable in you! According to experts, it can also mean that while processing the feelings and the relationship that you share with the dreamer, the dreamer has finally arrived at an optimistic ending about things.

When Do You Appear In Someone Else’s Dream In A More Negative Way?

Showing up in somebody else’s dream in a more negative way always feels awkward. However, that doesn’t essentially mean that the dreamer hates you or associates feelings of getting upset with you!

The dreamer necessarily might not find you rude. According to McRae, the dreamer is usually trying hard to process a hidden fear, the fear of being rejected by you.

But, with that said, do not be quick to jump to conclusions! The interpretation of a dream depends on the dream’s context as well as the relationship that the dreamer shares with the one present in their dream.

For example, if you are the secret crush of a person, they might dream of a scenario where they see someone else kissing you or laughing with you, making happy memories.

What all of this means is that the dreamer has a hidden fear, a fear of you being with someone else or not reciprocating their interest.

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