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Blue Moon Rising August 22/23: This Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Rare Lunation

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by Conscious Reminder

Be prepared for a dose of a unique and rare lunar magic when the blue full moon rises on 22nd August.

This is the second consecutive Aquarius full moon – which means another chance to reach our goals for summer. The 2021 August full moon, or the Sturgeon Moon, is going to be about embracing our individuality. Ultimately, this moon is going to help us align ourselves with summer’s nourishing and abundant energy.

At the time of full moons, situations and feelings often peak. As a result, they are excellent opportunities to get rid of everything that has served its purpose and make room for some new energy.

This full moon is even more special because it is Lethe o Season’s 2nd full moon. Usually, there is only one Aquarius full moon. So this one’s spiritual meaning is about revisiting last month’s rebellious themes. And also, finding new ways of engaging with our communities and friends.

The August Blue Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

The name Sturgeon Moon is a traditional one. Around this time in summer, the fish known as giant sturgeon is abundant and hence easily caught.

Naturally, the spiritual significance is aligned with the feast-worthy and bountiful vibe of this story. This is when you focus solely on the present and manifest your intentions.

Another important point is that this blue full moon will occur in Leo Season’s final hours, almost as if it is a climactic finale. It will also take place at Aquarius’ 29th degree.

This is a critical point called the astrological anaretic degree. This is the final degree of a sign. When a planet gets here, the energy of the planet will be filled with anticipation of what comes next.

Since the blue moon peaks at this degree, the collective energy from the previous month’s journey will have us buzzing. We will also get an opportunity to get some closure regarding the themes that popped up during the first Aquarius Full Moon in July.

Working With The Energy Of The Blue Full Moon

Since Aquarius is an air sign, we will be inspired to follow the most innovative ideas. We will also try to search for creative methods of expressing our individuality.

The energy of Aquarius is all about being different from everyone else and following your own rules. But, at the same time, it also encourages us to use our unique weirdness and quirks to build up camaraderie with those around us.

Aligning with this full moon’s spiritual energy will let us escape outdated traditions, and adjust the rules we have chosen to follow (or break). It is also the time to revisit summer’s earlier plans while having a more forward-thinking and fearless perspective.

The English phrase about blue moons is based on the rarity of 2 full moons in one astrological season or month. So be sure not to miss out on the powerful lunation’s mystical energy.

The spiritual meaning of the blue full moon will light up our future wishes and hopes. So it is a perfect time to do some mediation regarding your intentions in life.

A simple ritual for a full moon can be performed to help with this. Find a peaceful zone. There, imagine, in as many details as you can, the future that you wish to make for yourself. After that, create a solid stepwise plan that will get you where you want to be.

Aquarius is an air sign that is fixed which means we will be imbued with its intellectual and focused vibes. This will make us steadfastly determined and activate our creativity at the same time.   

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