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Sun Is In The Sign Of Virgo: Get Back To Work

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by Conscious Reminder

As the Sun has now shifted in Virgo, we have left behind the party days of Leo and shifted into a more work-oriented space.

Summer vibes are still here and we feel them. But the Sun in Virgo is here to help us work on our health, improve our professional lives, and improve our social causes as well.

The Virgo Sun

Polishing your skills, becoming detail-oriented, and organized are the major themes of life when the Sun shifts into Virgo in August. Virgo sets us all on a quest for perfection. So there’s no time to keep our talents hidden now.

Do: While the pragmatic Virgo helps us get our work done meticulously on time, it also asks for relaxation. This earth sign requires the most luxurious experiences. When you work so hard, you deserve so spend and spoil yourself a little!

Say: The detail-oriented eye of Virgo won’t let anything pass through without proper checking. But when you find faults in others’ works, control your criticisms. Sun in Virgo could make you overly critical and unlikeable to many.

Wear: Luxury, comfort, practical -that’s the clothing Virgo looks for. A beautiful cashmere cardigan with a comforting pair of snug shoes are the best for the season. Simple and clean clothing FTW!

Go: This Earth sign is most comfortable in nature’s lap. So you can go camping or just a trip to the countryside would do too. Virgo season comes with a lot of anxieties so serenity is what is required.

Look Out For: Watch yourself if you become too judgmental and critical. While Virgo seeks perfection, you can soon turn pricky and apparently obnoxious. It’s okay to be imperfect.

Buy: Virgo brings home the theme of “summer cleaning”. So buy a vacuum cleaner and get to it. The Virgo vibe is perfect to meticulously clean your home and make it spotless!

Look Ahead To: While the past two months of Gemini, followed by Leo, have been all about fun and play, Virgo season is here to prepare us to face the rest of the year. Enjoyment comes best when you have had a productive day at work. And Virgo is here just for that. Meet all your commitments and responsibilities and then go back and relax.

Virgo season will last us till the 22nd of September. As we go back to schools after a long vacation or return to heavier workflow, the Virgin goddess is here to shower her blessings on us all. Stay focus, practical, and mind your words.

Have a wonderful month ahead!

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