8 Ways Your Guardian Angel Will Try To Get Your Attention

by Conscious Reminder

From the time we enter this world, at least one Guardian Angel and/or spiritual guide accompanies us through our life’s most delicate moments.

At times they want to convey important messages to you. As such, it will be very helpful to figure out when your spiritual guides or Guardian Angels want to do so.

Our spiritual messengers and Angels always surround us, and they talk with us via various methods. Usually, they influence our thoughts which appear in the form of “sudden ideas”.

At times, we might be unaware of when we are at a particularly important moment, or it might be a time of subtle change. It might not feel like a difficult time or that a crisis is happening.

However, later on, we become aware of it. This is when our guardian angels want to contact us more directly. Here are all the ways you can know them and see them for the precious help that they are.

1. The Temperature Of The Room Changes

Have you ever suddenly felt excessively cold or hot while in a room? If the weather is stable then your spiritual guide is probably trying to tell you that they are close by. This especially happens when we visit new places or face an unprecedented situation. It also happens more frequently inside a closed space where temperature changes are not likely at all.

2. Repeating Number Sequences

A lot of us must have noticed a time like 14:14 or 11:11, or some such repeating sequence when looking at the time. When such a sequence starts appearing more frequently in wall-writings, signs, etc. then a very important message is desperately wanting you to receive.

3. Unexpected Smells And Odors

If you suddenly smell a nostalgic smell, like your grandmother’s cake or your uncle’s tobacco then it is very likely that your spirit guide wants to convey something. Smells and scents force us to pay attention because they can immediately evoke abilities or surprise the senses. They make us realize that something different is happening almost instantaneously.

4. Domestic Animals Start Acting Strangely

Dogs, and particularly cats, are believed to have the power to sense spiritual presence as well as see things that are invisible to us. This is why, if any of your pets start behaving differently, for instance staring still at a wall, they might have noticed your Guardian Angel’s presence. Of course, we would never be able to notice that through our physical sight.

5. Being Rescued From Danger

Some situations may become dangerous, and we might fail to predict the outcome of such situations. When we survive such situations without any harm (as if miraculously), our Guardian Angel’s help and our spiritual guides’ protection is undoubted.

6. Finding Feathers

Angels usually like leaving behind feathers, particularly those that are white, for their protégés to find. This is also a sign to let us know that they are accompanying us. So be on the lookout if you start finding feathers where there aren’t any birds usually. Then, remember that it is a sign your Angel is watching over you.

7. Finding Cards

Every playing card has its own meaning. Tarot or Cartomancy interprets such meanings. If you find misplaced playing cards, then they may be messages. These messages may bear the meaning associated with each card.

8. Emotions In Dreams

You might not remember the dream you had. However, you might have woken up while feeling light and happy. This might be a result of your Angel bringing you uplifting and positive messages in your dreams while you slept at night.

So be on the lookout for the above signs. If you have encountered any of them recently, then try to hear your spiritual guide or Guardian Angel.

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