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Mother Earth Welcomes New Energies – Ascending To Higher Realms Of Existence

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by Conscious Reminder

The complete number of realms of existence, as well as dimensions of consciousness, is twelve.

Frequently, we are simply connected with the physical world around us, but, in fact, some higher and greater realms of existence exist, and we often encounter them at the time of spiritual journeys.

Here, we will look at them closely and see in what way are then different from this 3D world which we encounter on the planet.

3D is the physical realm of existence.

Every one of us is familiar with this 3D world, but we have to be cautious not to understand and read it as a 3-dimensional one. In that context, 3D means ‘third density’ as a result of the way in which such realms are put out there. 

However, those distinct realms are actually not different or separate places. This density of awareness is the one which is marking them. 

So, in the third density, people are attached to their physical realms. Nowadays, most of the human beings live in the third density. However, humanity is soon going to undergo some changes in the consciousness which will be brought by a smaller number of people that ascend to the higher and greater densities.

So, at such point, when people heat the critical consciousness mass, they become elevated into the 4D.

What is the 4D?

The 4D is actually the fourth density or also 4D realm, and it is the place in which people go when their incarnation happening in the physical one is ended.

A lot of people experience this realm while they dream. Some of them also live in that realm, sometimes for a short time only, as it is quite hard to maintain it for long periods as the physical body needs us to come back to our function.

The 4D is divided into 12 density layers, and each of them is different. People who have the ability to experience this realm usually spend some time in exploring the different layers of it, in that way discovering the secrets which are held there.

Moving completely to it, people will undergo a healing process. The third density affects us, and in the fourth density, we are going to discover all the instruments we need so we can heal effectively.

What is the 5D?

In this realm, which is one of the souls, people see their world from a completely new point and perspective.

When they are preparing for the later incarnation, the 5D is the place we go. It is the one of making plans, signing soul contracts, and the place from which people depart when they come back to their physical one once again.

The 5D consciousness is quite different from the 4D and 3D. Instead of tied up by the restricted experience of their ego and body, they will experience the new perspective of the soul.

The souls will have the ability to see far more in the future, or back in the past, as well as from all the different perspectives they would like to. This ability of the soul is actually a potent tool which is going to help people to make a contribution to the awareness which our Universe experiences being a whole.

Just several people can achieve this 5D realm in their life, and they are usually souls that are coming to an end of that part of the journey.

Also, soon after that, with the coming of the era of twin flames, every one of us is going to ascend to some higher and greater realm of our existence.

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