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Astrologers Predict That 2021 Will Go Out With A Bang

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by Conscious Reminder

For the 2021 holiday season, you may be disappointed if you are expecting it to be a quiet one.

Rather, this month will be among the year’s most cosmically active, and it will start from day one. There is “one more” of everything in December: retrograde, planetary square, and an eclipse.

December begins between 2 eclipses The November 19th lunar eclipse in Taurus has its tailwinds blowing currently. The final solar eclipse in Sagittarius will take place on December 4th, during that night’s new moon.

On top of now being at one of the highest points of eclipse season, every node and planet in December are gathered in signs of spring and winter, to Gemini from Sagittarius. None of the planets are in the series between Cancer and Scorpio. It is not rare, but it means that we do not have the measured and grounded perspective of autumns and summer available to us.

The lineup is lopsided and the month has some intense transits. It needs us to be as aware as possible while being firmly grounded. There will be no lack of button-pushers and triggering moments. As for the holiday table, be strict regarding the topics you do not want to crop up. Here are some of December’s highlights:

The December 4th Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius

It will also be the final eclipse in the eclipse series on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. As such, travel restrictions, international turmoil, and grandiose claims by pundits are all expected to happen.

Sagittarius and Gemini are associated with neighborhoods, travel, media, and communication, and the pandemic’s majority was spent focusing on those themes. The December 4th Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is one final blow to travel opening up once more. Plus, it follows a Taurus lunar eclipse, which has to do with finances, there is no surprise there are global shake-ups economically.

However, eclipses are awakeners and teachers. So, instead of wringing your hands and pointing fingers, it would be much better to finish whatever work is still incomplete.

The December 19th Retrograde Of Venus

Venus retrogrades take place about every one and a half years. It can leave people less friendly and trusting, and much more irritable and angry.

Venus retrogrades are known to especially disrupt relationships. It will almost definitely shine a spotlight on matters that have been kept hidden in the closet. As such, there may be lots of breakups on the news as well as former lovers returning.

This retrograde beginning from December 19th will last till January 29th. You may find your will weakening and doubting your choice of partner. Plus, since the retrograde will form a conjunct with Pluto on December 25th, ancient wounds in the family can surface that need processing.

A Square Between Saturn And Uranus

A big reason for the changes in 2021 is because of 3 intense squares involving Uranus, the rule-breaker, and Saturn, the rule-maker. The tense configuration encouraged us to turn foundations upside down and reinvent something from scratch. But, at the same time, it cautioned us against throwing away the baby along with the bathwater.

On February 17th and June 14th, the first 2 squares took place. On December 24th, the last and 3rd 2021 square will happen. The moment will demand opposing forces to be balanced.

New Year’s Eve

The moon will return to Sagittarius on the night we say goodbye to 2021. This time there will be no eclipse, but Mars will be in company. However, Capricorn will have 4 planets in the sign, and if we include Venus retrograde, then it would be best to be careful of our plans and list of guests if we are to welcome the New Year without drama.

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