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Tonight’s Full Moon In Gemini Connects Your Body And Soul

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by Conscious Reminder

It is time for 2022’s final Full Moon. Taking place on December 7th and 8th in Gemini, this lunation’s energy is charged and heated. It might be the trigger to reigniting tender spots that the previous month’s Blood Moon eclipse had stirred.

Gemini represents the unity of our immortal spiritual selves and our mortal human selves. The December full moon will be a call to balance this unity. As such, during this lunation, we may be called upon to be patient and honor our human parts.

We must understand that it is alright to feel, make mistakes, and feel lost. Similarly, there will be work to be done with regard to our spirit as well. This side knows that nothing is a mistake, regret, or a wrong turn. It knows the true nature of the journey is only love and learning.

However, these two sides do not always work together. Moreover, the sides can find it difficult to even understand the other’s perspective. Our mortal side requires shelter and food, whereas our spiritual side requires us to do whatever makes us happy. Balancing these two sides is not a simple task, but the December lunation is a great chance.

The Full Moon’s Mars-Influenced Energy

The Moon is forming a conjunct with the retrograde Mars which is charging, heating, and amplifying the lunation’s energy. Since Mars is retrograde, we may face challenges regarding what motivates us and how we spend energy. Energy is a precious commodity, so the Full Moon might highlight what needs it and what does not.

If some behaviors, relationships, and thought patterns are being a sinkhole for your energy, then use this lunation to shout them out and let the wind carry them away. The presence of Mars can also make us feel heated up about some issues. As such, keeping emotions in check can be hard, but, at times, it is alright to be angry and assert yourself.

Sometimes, we have to get our minds and chests clear. This is a part of being human. There is no need to be, and we cannot be light and loving at every point in life. It is more natural to accept our true feelings, even if they might be egotistical.

There is a general feeling of shame regarding being angry and expressing it. However, even if it might be toxic sometimes, it is a completely healthy and valid human emotion. Sometimes, it needs to be released to loosen its grip on us.

As such, the Full Moon’s heated and fiery energy can make us utter words we end up regretting or be ashamed of. However, do not be harsh with yourself. Be grounded enough to apologize when you need to, but do not regret your stance if that is your honest feelings.

The Influence Of Neptune

The December Full Moon will also have an active Neptune influence. Since it represents intuition, we can receive confirmation about something our intuition has been hinting about for quite a while. During this lunation, have faith in the Full Moon.

In conclusion, the December 2022 Full Moon astrology wants to affirm that it is alright to feel, experience, and test our self-constructed boundaries.

We must keep pushing, adapting, and challenging ourselves throughout our mission. Our mission as a human is to remain healthy and alive for the maximum amount of time possible while feeling stable and secure. Our mission as a soul is to feel every emotion in the spectrum – love, lose, adapt, grow, and transform.

To live means to juggle the two sides, however, the Full Moon will offer a kind of bridge. It will aid us in our search for balance while nourishing both sides and enriching our earthly experience. 

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