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Angel Numbers And Their Deep Spiritual Meaning

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you ever heard someone saying that wishing when it is exactly 11:11 makes it more likely to come true? Or, perhaps, you felt the unique excitement during an extra rare date such as 2/22/22.

For many, such repeating number sequences are heralded as universal affirmations. ‘Angel numbers’ is the name given to them. Astrologers believe that when angel numbers carry messages from the cosmos or represent a feeling of synchronicity.  

There Is Something Special With These Numbers

Even if you do not believe in the spiritual meaning, you have to admit that seeing a particular number sequence being repeated frequently feels uncanny, at the least.

Additionally, their name (angel numbers) and meaning possibly originate from the works of Doreen Virtue. Doreen wrote books like Angel Numbers 101 where she claimed to have channeled the meanings of numbers directly from the realm of angels.

Today, however, ‘angel numbers’ is a commonly used term in spiritual circles. It means any repeating or non-repeating, number sequences that carry meaning and appear frequently in someone’s life.

There is no need to depend on messages that have been psychically channeled to connect with the meaning of a number. Numerology is specifically designed to help with that. Numerology believes that every number has a particular meaning.

Seeing these numbers repeated means amplification of that meaning. Understanding the angel numbers’ numerological meaning can unlock their messages for you.

The Angel Numbers’ Numerology

The angel numbers’ original meaning is not a concept from numerology. However, using ancient numerological methods to ground our connection with these numbers lets us understand them more tangibly.

In numerology, every number has its particular quality set, similar to astrological planets or zodiac signs. When we see a certain number, it means the universe is conveying a message to us. It is usually a code that our frequency is picking up and that can be used to upgrade ourselves.

Finding Your Angel Number

Numerology has specific rules when it comes to finding out individual number systems, like the number for one’s karmic debt or the number for one’s life path.

However, believe it or not, there is not a single official rule when it comes to finding one’s individual angel number. This means that there is a lot of freedom when it comes to interpretations.

However, a great beginning can be exploring your numerological chart. This can give you a hint as to what specific numbers can mean for you.

Numerologists say that numbers always try to tell us specific things. As such, knowing our cosmic code is always the best method of knowing the meaning behind certain repeating numbers.

For instance, if the number for your life path keeps popping up then it is probably the universe telling you to embrace the particular number.

The life path number can be calculated using one’s birth date. After you find out what it is, you may notice sequences containing this number popping up at important moments.

Apart from numerology, you can also try directly connecting with angel numbers using your interpretation or intuition. You can try thinking about what meaning a number can have in your life. Then, ask yourself about what might be being communicated via those numbers.

You might notice specific numbers when you are feeling a specific emotion, or you may notice a personally meaningful number like an anniversary or a date.

As such, the meaning behind repeating numbers may be very personal. Their common interpretations may or may not be the most appropriate ones for you.

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