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The 2022 Conjunction Of Jupiter And Neptune: A Brand New Reality

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by Conscious Reminder

About 166 years ago, Neptune and Jupiter got together in one sign, Pisces.

That year, there was an accidental discovery that paved the way for everyone to have colored clothes. For the majority of the common populace, it was a life-changing discovery. On April 12th, 2022, this conjunction is taking place again in Pisces.

This conjunction between the two planets happens approximately every 13 years. However, this will be the first time it happens in Pisces in 166 years.

Their Pisces meeting is regarded as the most energetically intense meeting since Jupiter is Pisces’ traditional ruler while Neptune is its modern one.

A New Portal

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction can inspire innovations in media, fashion, art, beauty, music, photography, music, and film. The energy is extremely creative and makes the veil thin, making it easier for us to realize hitherto unseen things.

It basically unlocks the doors to the realms that are usually hidden, making it extremely auspicious in terms of spiritual awakening.

This energy can make us feel like creating spiritual connections that are deeper than usual. As Jupiter and Neptune join forces, it may remind us about the connection and love that we share with each other. The Universe, through this energy, will encourage unity, enhancing life and general togetherness.

However, this conjunction can also cause events related to water, like issues regarding water supply and flooding. Furthermore, water represents our collective emotions. So this conjunction can increase the planet’s emotional aura.

Collectively, we may face events that trigger extreme emotional responses. Or, we might realize that the present planetary psychic energies need to be cleansed. This energy will put spiritual teachers, creatives, psychics, and healers in high demand. Your gift may awaken if any of these professions is your calling.

Escapism And Awareness

Neptune is also the ruler of escapism. This means that substance abuse, like drugs, may increase. The planet can also cause illusion and fogginess. As such, we might find it much tougher to locate the truth or the direction we need to take.

This energy can make it more difficult to be grounded. This means, making commitments and decisions can be tougher. The best method of navigating this energy is by allowing the flow to take you wherever it goes.

Neptune and Jupiter enhance our awareness and let us realize that everything is not monochrome. This energy will also need us to trust and follow our instincts. The fogginess of the road ahead means that we can only find our way using our inner subtler senses.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is one of the best energies for strengthening intuitive and psychic gifts. The energy is like a gift to us for strengthening our subtler senses.

In summary, this conjunction will be a portal to a brand new reality that expands our vision. Expect life to be forever changed as it will become more unified, vibrant, and colorful than ever before. This energy will collectively awaken us on our highest and deepest levels. It will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How To Work With These Energies

The energies will be the strongest during April 2022. However, its effects will be noticeable from the end of March till early May. Then, it will happen again from the end of October till early December.

As such, these energies are extremely supportive of new and creative actions. It can include launching projects, working with a fresh creative perspective, as well as making bold choices.

On the other hand, these energies will also help in any spiritually expansive practices. Just accept the uncertainty and things will automatically reveal themselves.

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