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Today’s Sagittarius New Moon Is One Of The Worst In 2019 — Change Is Inevitable

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by Conscious Reminder

The November New Moon rising on 26th November is located at 4° Sagittarius and is the harbinger of chaos and revolution. It will be influenced by the disruptive opposition of Mars/Uranus.

The November New Moon will also bring power and success if you can keep up with the changing scenarios! Let’s see what else the Moon is bringing.

Meaning And Significance Of The November New Moon

There is a refreshing and vigorous release of energy when the Sun conjuncts Moon during this time. Now is the ideal time to start anew. It is also the time to confront old habits and beliefs even as we remain on the quest for fresh and innovative methods to go ahead.

Astrological Significance

The strongest and most disturbing influence on the New Moon is from the Mars/Uranus opposition. Strong emotions and feelings of indecision and anxiety are created by the Sun quincunx.

Stars in the Scorpio Constellation also influence the New Moon that ultimately bring a wealth of prospects for promotion, success, and riches. But there is also a strong indication of barriers on the road and immense hurdles to remaining at the peak of success.

Aspects Of The November Moon

The negative feelings of hostility, irritation, and rapid unforeseen changes are the results of Mars being opposite Uranus. Even mild anger can explode into temper tantrums and rash decisions. The raging energy now will cause us to lash out and be violent. So the best way to deal with it would be forethought. Trust your guts and be careful before accusing others. Even when you have to defend yourself, try not to attack the other one.

Mars is in the same position that it was during the New Moon on 27th October. This had also been opposite Uranus and had the same disruptive influence which was extremely volatile. This sensitive situation is being invigorated by Mars now and the November New Moon is going to extend this potentially volatile influence for another 4 weeks.

Sun quincunx Uranus will make us tense and irritable. We will be feeling restless and disturbed by the energy buildup. The link to Mars in opposition to Uranus makes recreation impossible. There is even more of so if it restricts our freedom of expression and creativity.

We might be forced to deal with unexpected changes brought about by people in power. We have to learn to adapt and be flexible to such changes. Restricting that change or exhibiting signs of arrogance or will act to our deterrence.

There is no need for drastic changes, only minor course corrections which will let us tide over the crisis. Be circumspect. Otherwise, you will end up restarting the whole process.

In A Nutshell

We can expect major upheaval now with the November New Moon in Sagittarius. One of the most troublesome influences in astrology that make people agitated unmanageable and violent is Mars opposite Uranus.

The New Moon inconjunct Uranus adds to the tension but offers no solution. Being open-minded will help us survive this ordeal. There are possibilities galore to gain and defeat our enemies. There will be both losers and winners in this high stake game. You have to play it right.

This New Moon is the last of the eclipse which started from the time of the Solar Eclipse on 2nd July 2019. So now is the time to tie up any loose ends of the goals we had set back then and see things come to fruition.

The November New Moon’s effects will last for the coming 4 weeks. The first 2 weeks are the best time to start anew.

The November New Moon will be all sorts of chaotic and surprising. The October Moon was similar but this time, Mars is also adding its energy. It’s best to keep calm and not be impulsive. Think before you act!

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