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Water Bearer Full Moon Rising August 15th: Let Your Love Echo Through The World

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

August 15th would play host to the Full Moon which is going to be situated in Aquarius. This Full Moon is here to highlight the necessity of being there for each other.

As we know, Aquarius has always been associated with humanitarian work. Represented by a maiden carrying a water jug, she symbolizes the doctor, the healer, the miracle worker in all of us, while the water is all about the emotions, the suffering, and the pain we have to carry with us.

Aquarius’s job is to simply cleanse this water of all the impurities and return it back to the Earth. Since it’s an air sign, it doesn’t keep it within itself, but rather would see them turn into something light and beautiful. Her desire for the truth helps her change this heavy, impure water into something pure.

Now, as we all have that zeal in us, we are all going to feel the effects of this Moon, which would guide us on a path full of wisdom and healing.

But there is always a problem, isn’t there? The innate suffering that comes with it is a major obstacle to our path to being happy. How can one be happy, when beset with miseries? The truth is, we aren’t alone in our suffering.

When people around us suffer, we suffer too. But it is true for the other side too, our love is felt by others, and so do we feel their love. This is exactly what leads to major, positive changes brought on this Earth.

It is impossible for one man to do the work of thousands. But you can always join an NGO or a center dedicated to saving the less fortunate.

Right now, all you need to do is close your eyes, think about a group of people or just one people who you think could do with some love, and send love to.

You don’t have to always think from a material point of view- something given truly from the heart also works miracles.

As you whisper ‘I want to send my love …’ it resonates within you. You feel it, you believe it, and you adhere to it. This is what is needed, and this is what creates a change on Earth.

This is all good, but wouldn’t it be better to actually go forward and act towards what you love? Wouldn’t that give you the truest sense of peace?

Well, this Full Moon is going to give you that opportunity. But first, you need to change yourself to better suit yourself. As Gandhi once famously said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Not just Gandhi, but Mother Teresa and Rumi too have proclaimed the age-old motto- Charity begins at home. You need to start with yourself, and your family. In case you haven’t yet realized, we are advocating self-love.

Love yourself.

For this will create a ripple all around you, and when people around you will start believing in themselves, and act with love for one another, it is going to change the world.

The greatest benefit of this period is that you don’t have to take the pain on your shoulders. You don’t have to get pulled into the darkness of it.

All you have to do is use your words and bring them towards you. You don’t have to care if it is popular or if people know it.

You want the truth, and you will get it.

Aquarians are always searching for the truth- something that would give them the answer to their problems. When you use the Full Moon’s power, you can simply introduce yourself to your own life.

Doesn’t it worry you that when you are so getting involved in helping a bunch of people, receiving and sending love, there are chances that you might end up being on the receiving end of getting stung?

Work with the mind of the higher realm, venturing along towards truth, and traverse the journey of love.

On a happy note, there is enough love for it to reach everyone, so watch as the Full Moon puts you in a place with compassion, light, and the truth.

Let it do what it is supposed to do and share it with others. Have a safe Full Moon!

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