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Capricorn Full Moon On June 28th, 2018: Sharpen Your Focus

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by Conscious Reminder

The full moon of June 2018 will take place on the 28th,at 6º Capricorn. The overall astrology promotes ambition and a drive to succeed.

Not only is it falling under Saturn ruling Capricorn, it is also in conjunction with a retrograde Saturn. This combination heightens the purging effect of a Full Moon.

It is also very close to the star Kaus Borealis. Both this star and Facies belong to the archer constellation. The latter has been known to aid with purging and letting go of behavior which no longer suit you. Overall this would be the best time to get rid of any undesirable thing about yourself.


Influence of Facies 8º – this fixed star has been known to promote fascist activities even though the real influences might not be that sinister. The fascist can be either a sadist or a humanitarian.

Full moon conjunction with this star is symbolic of tough love which is needed when sometimes things are getting out of control. This is the time for loyalty towards your institutions, your family and your tribe. They will give the strength which is needed to survive these tough times.

Aspects and Fixed Stars

Kaus Borealis – This star is known to promote humane and idealistic conventions. It is the mascot for new enterprises, justice as well as mental prowess. Kaus Borealis is perfect for counteracting the effects of Facies. This star is favorable towards people who can combine their physical and mental strengths to overcome obstacles.

Facies – This nebula is located in the face of the archer and is closely associated with Mars and the Sun. It is often said to cause problems with sight, freak accidents and even death. However, the real meaning of the name is simply ‘to take action or create something’. The accidents are more often than not the results of carelessness.


This time around the dominating effect is of Sagittarius because the decan is overpopulated by its stars. Presence of Facies need not be a bad thing if we look upon it as the catalyst to get our long held dreams into action.

The conjunction with Saturn will make the full moon more critical than usual. The time won’t be easy but people who can hold on to their strengths while at the same time learn to listen to their intuition will thrive. The full moon can be used as an anchor to help you deal with the stormy seas of your life. You need to stop looking at it as your enemy.


This full moon will be the time to observe how you deal with authoritarian figures in your life. This is the time to find the correct balance between rebelling and seeking help from the authority.

This full moon is going to be more about pragmatism than romance. It will help you let go of the distractions which stop you from reaching your full potential. Finally, the choice is in your hands whether you use this full moon to promote the sadist within you or the humanitarian.

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