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All The Important Astrological Events Happening In June 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

The showers of April have run their course as well as the springtime flowers of May.

Now, it’s time for sweet summer as we head into June, and it is going to be hot. There are a bunch of things happening in this month, all of which carry exciting chances for something fresh.

June 3rd: The End Of Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury finally ends this backspin, it will be in strict Saturn. As such, there may be a sense of seriousness as to how we look back and deal with the decisions we took during the retrograde. Apart from that, thinking, scheduling, timing, and communication will start returning to a normal pace. However, try to be patient till June 18th when the shadow period ends.

June 4th: The Start Of Saturn Retrograde

The annual Saturn retrograde begins in Aquarius, only a day following the end of the Mercury retrograde. This retrograde will last till October 22nd/23rd. The period will be asking us to reassess the rules that we abide by in life. It also has the possibility of enhancing our responsible nature.

A Ton Of Gemini Vibes

Gemini season’s majority takes place during June’s first couple of weeks. It infuses us with mental energy as well as makes us move between multiple social events. On June 13th, the Gemini vibes will get stronger with Mercury entering the sign. As such, our communications and multitasking abilities should become much better.

June 21st might be the official end of Gemini season, but the quick-thinking and quirky vibes will remain for a bit longer. On June 22nd, Venus will enter Gemini, joining Mercury. As such, expect sociable, flirtatious vibes and an interest in using words to express affection. It might make us steer clear of commitments, however, this will also be a great time for deepening mental connections with a partner.

A Sagittarius “Strawberry” Full Supermoon

On June 14th, the current lunar cycle will reach its climax. Expect a ton of excitement for spring’s final major lunation. Since it is a supermoon, the influence will be much greater than usual. It will encourage us to broaden our horizons and become more spontaneous as we enter summer.

Summer Solstice & Cancer Season

June 21st may be a monumental day as emotions will run high. The 2022 Cancer season starts on that day. On top of that, it is also the day of the summer solstice. Cancer season will mean that our emotions will take center stage. As such expect to crave emotional connections and coziness. The season is ideal for social gatherings with friends and family and spending time nurturing the bonds under the sunshine.

June 28th: The Start Of Neptune Retrograde

This is another regular occurrence. This time, Neptune will backspin from June 28th till December 3rd. However, since Neptune is a transpersonal outer planet, the effects of the retrograde will not be very pronounced. Nevertheless, it should let us see past the veil in our fantasies and dreams. As such, it will help us put down the rose-tinted glasses and connect with reality as it stands.

June 28th: An Emotional Cancer New Moon

The month’s last big astrological event will happen near the end of the month. The home sign of the moon is Cancer. So expect this lunar event to have an extra dose of emotions and push us further into our feelings. This will be a great time for connecting with our intuition and using it to set a few heartfelt summer intentions.

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