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Tonight’s New Moon In Leo Is All About Shining Bright

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by Conscious Reminder

The 2022 New Moon in Leo is going to be a flaming accelerant for the inner spark, and you will have a hard time hiding it.

There’s no reason to in the first place. The spotlight is yours for the taking, so soak it up. Play all the songs you like relating to fire, and dance some of the energy off if you feel overwhelmed.

The lunation is all about reigniting self-expression, a nice dramatic surge, and a more magnificent life experience. It has been building up since the Sun and Mercury entered the sign on July 22nd and 19th. However, now that the Sun meets the Moon, the high-frequency communication and renewed vitality are reaching unprecedented heights.

Grand Visions

Leo never needs any help when it comes to grandiose living, and he is getting all of it during the lunation. The lunation will form a trine involving Jupiter, which is going retrograde in Aries. The combination increases the energy and heat and ties up all of Leo’s traits with amazing boldness.

As such, a ton of fun and excitement is in store. It’s a great time to be risky and chase after good times. However, a part of this combination’s influences will be too exaggerated. Imagine oversized toddlers and reality show drama queens showing up in real life and not just on TV.

Nevertheless, the trine will be great for creative projects. The Leo lunation will fuse new phases, projects, and new ideas with individual personalities, creative vision, and flair. Any projects you begin right now will get a boost. Be sure to not waste it. Imagine the biggest, grandest, and most dramatic visions you can.

At the same time, you will probably not spend too much time envisioning. As stationary as Leo likes to be, Aries jumps forward. The open Jupiter channel makes the lunation’s fiery spark speedily expand.

Mars’ Square And A Cauldron Of Creativity

There is not much worry about it being uncontrollable either. A calmer second influence will also be acting on your projects that will ensure their progress, that is, a wide square involving Mars. The Taurus Mars is fixed, deliberate, and with a tangible focus. It will also offer practicality and possibly a need for resources.

Mars’ shove will push a bit of the lunation’s growth toward physical reality. Moreover, it may not be how it might look at first. This is because Mars will meet up with the Uranus-North Node conjunction on August 1st. The combination can trigger plot twists, radical changes, and concrete surprises that will all build into the new-formed reality.

The hubbub will include startling information. The combination will challenge our thinking and force our perspectives to be more open. On top of that, the lunation’s growth will head directly toward that improbable probability area.

Mix that up with the upcoming Jupiter-fueled lunation and you get a cauldron brimming with creativity. It’s free and readily available for us, so make sure to use it. Forget the witchy stuff, feed your most ambitious and wildest ideas to the cauldron. Throw some more in that pushes the imagination to the limit on whether it’s possible.

Add the family special secret sauce, a bit of bling, and some coins. Find the biggest and most ornate ladle or stick and give it a mighty flamboyant stir. Add your wishes as the final topping. The finished product will be influenced by forces well beyond your control so be ready to have a surprise.

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