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6 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Inner Child

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by Conscious Reminder

Do you feel disconnected and uninspired in life?

Are you looking for adventure, joy, and purpose that will hopefully reinvigorate your passion for living? All these and more are available to you much closer than you think. The child within you knows all about them.

That child’s wisdom far outweighs their years. The child knows all about enjoying the present moment and confidently chases after his/her desires. He/she likes to spend time laughing, exploring, playing, and creating, fuelled by innocent curiosity. They are not afraid to take a risk for themselves.

However, their desires go ignored while we wonder why we feel unloved, unappreciated, and lost from ourselves. Why do adults have a tendency to pay any heed to them? If we can reconnect to our inner child’s wisdom, it will pave the way to a more purposeful life.

Here are 6 such pieces of wisdom that you can gain by reconnecting with the inner child:

1. Your Source Of Joy

When we were children, we used to go toward things that we liked to do. The reason was not that it would help us or someone else. Instead, those things would simply energize us. The easiest method of sparking joy is reconnecting with those original loves of our souls.

2. What Makes You Feel Appreciated And Cared For?

The inner child can get all the support and nurturing it needs from the most basic things. It can be celebrating small successes or patting yourself on the back for being courageous enough to try something new. It can even be uttering self-appreciating words every day.

These things may sound simple, but most of us neglect to do them, and consequently, the inner child’s needs. In the end, we expect others to take care of this void. When we spend time nurturing ourselves, we become able to control and use our power to its full extent. This, in turn, lets us help others without expecting something as a reward.

3. Your Real Purpose, Dreams, And Desires On Earth

The inner child’s desires have no interference or influence from outside approval. The only influence on his/her desires is her soul’s delights. All of us are present to add love to the world in individual ways. Pay heed to the things you love because there is a reason why you love them. Most probably, the reason has some relation with your Earthly purpose.

4. The Kinds Of Situations And People That Will Back You

The child within you has extreme clarity regarding her identity and her desires. As such, she also knows the people that are safe and supportive playmates and those who are best avoided. Listen to those wishes, regardless if others will think you are judgemental or selfish.

5. How To Trust And Love Yourself

The more you spend time investing in carrying out activities that let you display your creativity, joy, and passion, the more affirmation you will get about your own value and worth. After all, creating is an act of love and requires you to trust your abilities and creativity.

6. How To Use Self-Validation To Control Your Power

The greater your attention and nourishment to the inner child’s curiosities and desires, the greater your self-worth, confidence, and self-esteem will be. At the same time, this means that you no longer have to spend time getting others’ approval.

Follow Your Inner Wisdom’s Path

Your age does not matter because everyone has their inner child, and all have unique desires and needs. Make a space to converse with them and fulfill those desires. That will return you to possibility, joy, adventure, and connection. The inner child is your soul’s purest and wisest part.

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