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The Astrological Significance Of The September 2022 Mars Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

The position of Mars in relation to the constellations would change slightly with each viewing if you were to observe the eastern skies at the exact time each night.

In other words, each night, Mars seems to be moving from west to east. Mars appears to change course every night and migrate from east to west for a few months every 2 years or so.

Early skywatchers found this peculiar behavior to be incredibly perplexing. The planet appeared to stop, turn around, and then resume its forward motion. Did it have some strange, esoteric significance?

Today, we are aware of the situation. It is a deception brought on by how Mars and Earth orbit the sun. 

Mars travels through the zodiac in about two years and makes one retrograde during that time. Whenever a planet seems to be circling backward from Earth, it is known as retrograde. This was seen by ancient astrologers as a sign that it was time to review the past, reassess, and reevaluate, particularly in regard to matters pertaining to the planet’s energies.

Because Mars seems to be the world that governs our ambition and how we pursue our desires, it is during Mars’ retrograde that the planet of war ceases its outbursts and instead employs deceit to exert control over events. 

A Stay In Gemini

Given that the Mars retrograde is in Gemini, it is simple to predict that we will see breakdowns in communication. A wave of internal anger that has been suppressed will erupt, leading to a sharp tongue lashing.

The outcomes may result in significant problems and conflicts that are difficult to resolve. Mars retrogrades the least frequently of all the planets. Therefore this time period amplifies Mars energy in our life because it occurs so infrequently. 

Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces are among the mercurial signs where this retrograde will be the most strong (especially Gemini). The retrograde will reveal fears, which will cause these signs to slow down and not act at what should be a moment of change.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the fixed signs who will benefit the most from this retrograde. They will have an opportunity to review their financial objectives and plans.

The cardinal signs of Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra will have the easiest time of this retrograde. It is an opportunity for them to recover and resolve internal conflicts. Mars will spend seven months in the sign of Gemini. Thus this is a significant moment (until March 25, 2023).

Mars’ extended stay in Gemini is caused by the planet’s retrograde motion, which will last from Oct 30, 2022, to Jan 12, 2023. Mars typically travels through a sign in one to two months, however this year, it wanted to stay longer.

Mars in Gemini forces us to face concepts we might not ordinarily be able to express, and it gives us the vocabulary to do so — brutally, without regard for deference. This has the potential to be both beneficial and harmful. So, throughout the course of the next seven months, be careful how you use this sword.   

On Aug 20, Mars entered the constellation of the twins, signaling the start of a reframe. A chance to rewire our attitudes toward rage, bravery, and treating people properly while expressing our opinions. 

Mars Retrograde can render us more susceptible to accidents, and since it is in Gemini right now, we need to be especially careful with our fingers and hands, which are the bodily sections Gemini rules.

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