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Twin Flames And How A Healer Can Help You Find Yours

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flame energy is the ability to find a mirror of your own soul in someone else.

This is one of the two purest forms of love, the other being soulmate energy, which is finding the complement of your soul, someone who completes it.

Twin flame energy is in many ways more profound than soulmate energy, and this is because twin flame energy is kind of discovering the divine spirit that resides in you.

It is very difficult to see into your own soul to find the part of the divinity that resides in you. On the other hand, it is easier to look into the mirror to look at the parts of your face you would want the moisturizer to reach, no?

Think of this energy as something like that. When two mirrors face each other, they can illuminate the nooks and crannies of the room they stand in.

Think of your own experience with your twin flame to be similar.

Now you must be wondering, and this is one of the commonest of questions we get from our readers.

How do you know when you meet your twin flame?

Well, there is one instinctual feeling. Being the copy of your soul doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be the human being you are and that is primarily the mistake that breaks most twin flame relationship.

The second and more tried and tested method is, if you consult a spiritual healer. This is something that most people dismiss as a hoax, but really it is not. What do you do when you have symptoms you cannot recognize? You go to a doctor.

Treat this in the same way.

If you are not sure of the person who you think is your twin flame, consult a healer. Visit them, and tell them about your thoughts and doubts.

Let them solve it for you.

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