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The Omnipresence Of Sacred Geometry: Everything Is Connected To Everything

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sacred Geometry is the medium through which significance and characteristics are attached to different patterns and designs. It signifies the culmination of the spiritual, soul and mind with the physical, substance and structure.

Similar to a blueprint, sacred geometry tells us the connection, positions and traits of the whole Universe and all its components. Its physical manifestation is a result of a scientific formula. Therefore it can be said that sacred geometry is the core of the world as we see it.

It’s extremely intricate and dynamic with several complex and overlapping patterns forming this kaleidoscopic entity. It is ever changing and holds the answers to everything.

Our world is meant to stay in peace and harmony but at present it’s in turmoil and pain that has led to its imbalance. Even though there are conflicts and disturbances all across the globe, the balance and essence of peaceful coexistence still lives inside.

Harmony and disharmony live, side by side, to make one whole truth. The tumultuous situation of the world presents the need for us to get in touch with our roots. The unnatural divide and alienation that we feel is not right. We must join hands and unite to celebrate our glory and magnificence.

Sacred Geometry makes us aware of our deep rooted connections and how interdependent we are. Each and every part of our nature and surroundings is an important part of the sacred geometry. Things look and act the way they do because the geometry had a role in it.

It provided specific characteristics to particular objects for the sacred geometry to work efficiently. Every small object has a role in this world to ensure the wellbeing of everyone else. We belong to this massive structure, creating personal structures of our own in it. This combined entity functions to make our lives better.

This Universe is much bigger than us. We are simply miniscule units in this world, part of something massive. Although we are efficient and independent in our own way, yet we depend on this elaborate structure to facilitate our existence as well as others. This Life giving entity provides for us as much as we work hard to keep it running.

It is very important to notice that not only the fascinating monuments like the Temple of Osiris, Egyptian pyramids and Japan’s Forbidden City are amazing and awe inspiring but they also exude divinity, grace and power.

Those behemoth structures are just that- geometry. The answers we need from life will not be answered solely through introspection but also through divine connection with the holy Universe that has given birth to this world.

Geometry is the essence that breathes life into this Universe. The more we get involved with it, the closer we get to the Core. Sacred Geometry shows us how wonderfully this whole world is linked to each other and shares ideals and consciousness giving it a sense of unity and oneness.

It shows that we are not alone or alienated but belong to a unified all encompassing structure. All of us have come from the same place and are supposed to return there as well. The more you become aware of this intricacy the more you engage with spirituality and its inner sanctum.

Understanding the complexity of this super system ensures that you become aware of the functioning of the Universe and your part in it. It makes you feel attached to your surroundings, helps you acknowledge how wonderful the world is, even the most minute and apparently unimportant things.

Everything exists in this world for a reason and it’s important to understand and respect that.

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