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Why Twin Flames Are Missing Each Other?

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The twin flame connection is something special, something that describes the divinity in human nature and the power of love. On the other hand, it is a proof of the endless mysticism of the universe and its powerful rules.

However, we still ask ourselves, why are even the twin flames missing each other, why that happens even to those whose souls are determined to be eternally united?

To know and understand the answer of this question, first, you need to know the true nature of the twin flame connection. It is more of a ‘reuniting’, then uniting.

The twin flames are separated in other dimension and time, at the beginning of everything, somewhere in the universe, way above the understanding of humanity to give a correct answer, and the energy of both twin flames is extremely strong while they are wandering through the universe.

The separation is long and the first re-uniting may last for so long, way longer than we can even imagine, but the reuniting may happen right here and now!

When you meet your twin flame for the first time, even before and after the first meeting, you will see things differently, you will feel many things differently and you will change. You will know that the universe is sending you a subliminal message.

However, not every twin flame relationship succeeds. The modern times are very hard, dynamic, full of consumerism and materialism, so not every soul is strong or has the good circumstances to re-forge the strong bond.

Sometimes even a twin flame relationship may end up in a total failure. Be aware that people are living fabricated fully materialistic and consumeristic way of life, so their spirits are weak and fragile.

Then, twin flames are aware of what’s actually happening to them. They feel it both mentally and physically. Moreover, Twin flames communicate with each other through telepathy. Telepathy enables them to tap into each other’s subconscious and alter moods and behaviors.

Whenever your twin is immensely missing you, you’ll feel an intense feeling of lovesickness, courtesy telepathy. It’s unbelievable how powerful the human mind becomes when love fuels it.

Twin flames’ missing each other is a common phenomenon. It hits you like a truck. No one can help you elude this feeling, and no one should.

In the absence of this feeling, you’ll never have the right motivation to be with your lover.

One thing that you can do to appease your inundating emotions is by not resisting. What makes the whole process a lot more painful is when instead of accepting your current state, you try to fight it. We should never do that.

Be always aware that the twin flame connection is the purest form of love on Earth. If you ever have the chance to meet your twin flame, do everything in your power to fully invest yourself in the relationship and let it grow, re-shape it into all forms of mutual existence between two human souls.

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