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Give Yourself Time, Give Yourself Love… And Allow Your Broken Wings To Heal

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

I’m feeling cold. But my nest was warm. In fact, my nest seems harder. I open my eyes slightly, enough to see that its night and I’m on ground. The cold breeze tickles me.

But how did I end up on the ground? Looking skyward, I see my nest. It’s right where it has always been. But I’m not. My body is tired. I try to keep my eyes open but they close. Maybe it’s a dream.

I am warm. No, it is cold. But I feel the warmth of sun. Then, why are my feet cold? My eyes open in shock. I am not in my nest! I can feel numbing pain in my body. I’m injured.

I call for help. A bird sitting in the nest hears my cries of pain. He looks down but stays silent. I ask for his help.

I beg him to help me to get back to my nest. I tell him I’m hurt and ask for his help again. But he refuses to offer any help. He averts his eyes and disappears into the nest.

I felt lonely and helpless. Night came again, bringing the cold with itself. There was nothing I could do. So I closed my eyes and dreamt of my warm nest.

Morning came again. I woke up the same way as yesterday – sun’s warmth on back and ground’s cold beneath my feet.

My body was still hurting. But I had to get up. So I tried to move. Aaaahh!!! My wings hurt.

No matter how much I tried, my wings didn’t have the power. My body had no food in its system. I decided to go back to sleep where I could be warm and strong.

Is someone singing? Where’s my nest? It’s still there. Is it missing me as much as I am missing it?

Day after day I lay there, hungry and weak. Soon, I start to feel strength. My wings come back to life. The sun’s warmth became comforting. My senses grew stronger and then I flew.

I flew as a strong, free bird in the sky of life, laughter and love.

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