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If You Are Showing These 8 Signs, You Were Probably Brought Up By A Toxic Mother

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by Conscious Reminder

When we think of a mother-child relationship, we automatically imagine the most caring and loving bond to ever exist in this world.

However, at times due to the bad attitude of a mother, this beautiful relationship fails to form. Most of the times, people don’t even realize that the toxicity in the mother is the cause behind someone’s problems and issues. It’s important to understand this problem in order to rectify it.

Therefore check these 8 major signs out to figure out if you have a problematic mother.

1. The mother-child bond shared by your friends baffles you

It might surprise you that your friends keep in touch with their mothers everyday and genuinely look forward to it. Since you have such a messy relationship with your mother, the thought of contacting her makes you anxious. Listening to others bickering about their mothers sounds ridiculous as you have gone through far worse.

2. You Aren’t Heard

If you have been raised by a toxic mother, you probably have been forced to keep quiet and obey her. This attitude remains even when you are an adult as they pretend to be in control to hold their stance.

3. Devoid of care

These mothers don’t show enough love and care towards their children in order to punish them. This horrible treatment passes on to the children who in future aren’t affectionate towards their loved ones. Take a moment and introspect. If you think that in your relationships you are being emotionally unavailable and toxic, it might be your childhood suffering that has caused this.

4. Creating a feeling of dependence

These unhealthy mothers make sure they are being attended to all the time, they love the attention. Therefore they go to extreme lengths to make their children dependent and weak without them, so that they always need their mother for everything. This wrong character development might affect future relationships with your lovers and others.

5. You Don’t Have Happy Memories of Your Mother

The trauma and pain that your mother has caused has not probably healed even after all this time. It’s rather heartbreaking when your own mother, who is supposed to love you the most, wrecks you emotionally and mentally. You are filled with rage and terror when you think about her and it triggers panic attacks. However, although your emotional outrage and pain is the rational reaction, it’s best to not let it consume you or control your actions and life. That will ultimately ruin you and won’t serve any good purpose.

6. Not Loving Yourself

Mothers filled with toxicity are so entitled that they think their children are their personal slaves. They don’t care about your well being as long as she is satisfied. This will make you feel that it’s the treatment you deserve and you will naturally be subservient in front of others.

7. You Crave To Be Validated

During childhood, these people never received affection and so their confidence is very low. Thus they desire to be validated and appreciated to feel good about themselves. Often these people become victims of abusive partners as their self-confidence and self-respect is non-existent.

8. Not Having Confidence In Yourself

Mothers who don’t treat their children right ruin a person’s sense of self-love and confidence. They always fear that they are not good enough and will be reprimanded for their actions. They don’t feel free to work on themselves or their dreams. You are forced to feel that others are better than you and you accept it.

Believe in yourself and unlearn what you learnt from your mother.

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