The New Moon In Sagittarius Won’t Have A Big Impact On These 3 Zodiac Signs

by Conscious Reminder

December 2020 is bringing two very potent cosmic events this week.

As the New Moon in Sagittarius rises on the 14th, it will be accompanied by the last total solar eclipse of the year.

These two events will shake up our lives. But 3 zodiac signs won’t struggle too much with the Sagittarius Moon.


Since your ruler Mars is in a harmonious trine with the eclipse, it will push you to broaden your horizon and seek wisdom. Perspective changes are in order, but your courageous soul can tackle it all!

Whatever challenges come your way, take them in stride. You will soon see how these are opportunities for your personal growth. Ready to enjoy this New Moon in Sagittarius?


Both the New Moon and the eclipse will be easier for Capricorns. Take this opportunity to relax for a while. Your need for introspection is going to increase soon. You need some deep healing, and this lunation is a great time to sit back and start the inner work.

Right now, your job and other responsibilities are distracting you from working on yourself. Consider pausing it all for a while while you do some soul searching. Sleep an extra hour, reflect on your emotions, and just enjoy some alone time. You deserve it as much as you need it.


The total solar eclipse will impact your groups and friendships. So, this is a great time to concentrate on your social life. See if your group is truly and authentically supporting your growth.

Or do they make you feel insecure and boxed up? With the chaotic energy coming our way, this is a great time to make whatever changes are necessary.

You might have to go for a tough conversation or find a new group altogether. And for the ones feeling content in their social circles, use this time to deepen those bonds!

The New Moon in Sagittarius is going to bring positive energy for these three zodiacs. Are you ready to make the most of it?

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