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The Secrets That Master Number 44 Hides

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The number 44, which is a master one, carries the importance of vibration of the number four and the number eight with some amplification, and is also known as Master Healer, being a quite rare one in the field of numerology.

People who have this number may need some more time to mature, and the number suggests that they also search for balance, as well as a powerful foundation so they can achieve the desired success. A lot of popular people are connected with such vibration.

Just like the number four proposes, it is the value which is connected with some stability. It is also a foundation for nearly everything, as a result of that, being an unbelievably significant factor in the field of numerology.

On the other hand, the number eight is another desirable, as well as a significant number from a numerological point of view. It is not just considered the lucky number in the astrology of China, but it is also one which is connected with royalty, completion, as well as a traditional hierarchy.


People who have this number are responsible, creative, disciplined, reliable, intuitive, powerful, imaginative, professional, strong-willed, as well as organized. These people are excellent in solving problems as they have the ability to control nerves and emotions entirely. Such traits help them in businesses. 

These people also don’t feel afraid to keep going through some hard situations. Also, they tend to make a combination of the powers of the following master numbers: 11, 22 and 33. They love helping other people in various ways. They possess the insightfulness of the number 11; then they possess the creativity of 22, and also they possess the nurturing nature of the number 33. Usually, they will refuse to escape from some challenges too.


As a result of the flawless organization, tenacity, as well as a poker face, those people who have this number can be excellent bankers, lawyers, CEOs, doctors, engineers, or military staff too. They have a brilliant and wide-open mind with a generous heart, as well as professionalism.   


Just like 33, this life path number 44 is guided by love. But, to win a person who possesses such vibration can be quite tricky. It can be hard to capture their attention, as of their commitment to their work. At the time when they settle themselves down, they are going to be loyal, committed, as well as trustworthy. As these people also mastered the capacity of controlling feelings, it can be hard for them to be emotional in a particular relationship.


People with the 44 consider it quite important to maintain physical and mental well-being. Also, they believe that they must have a healthy and balanced lifestyle no matter how obsessed they are with their work. To maintain a secure and balanced inner peace, they spend some time meditating and working out.


Although individuals with this vibration are well-known as healers in the field of numerology, in fact, they can be unstable and destroy such a foundation. As they are able to reach a lot of people, these individuals also have a significant place in their society, and in cases, their power was abused, there may be some critical consequences. 

People with this master number, although are naturally positive and powerful, may also have some negative dispositions too. Wealth and success can intoxicate them, and they may use some severe measures so to reach those things.

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