Sings That You Are Experiencing Synchronicity And What It Means

by Conscious Reminder

Most likely, every one of us experienced incredible coincidences when we dreamed something, and then that same thing happened in reality.

Or, it surely happened to us that while we were thinking of someone, he or she suddenly appeared in front of us and we can see them. In addition, it probably happened to every one of us that we wanted to know a certain thing and all of a sudden we receive some information about it. Are those things occurring right now? What does all this mean?

This means that the happening of these things is definitely not any coincidence, but the Universe sends them to us as messages which will help guide us. Carl Jung stated how synchronicities say there is actually always a more profound meaning to it:

“Synchronicity is the Universe saying yes.”

Even when we are not able to understand the reason, it is actually good to be aware of the fact that from all the possible opportunities, we are in the place we are supposed to be, and at the appropriate time:

“When the student is ready, the master appears.”

There is a connection between everything, and every single thing is considered energy. When we want a specific thing or we feel in a particular way, and we are tuned in the same frequency of another thing, our Universe will do everything in order to connect, or even bring such things together.

It is good to experience such an amazing thing and thing that blows our mind, and it will remind us of something better in life, or also that every one of us has infinite powers inside us, or even that every person is here for some greater purpose than he or she can imagine. Every person has the ability to tune into synchronicities, or can also experience them, although sometimes, there are people who are not present in order to notice that.

Here, we will present you the seven most common synchronicity signs:

  1. You get some call, random emails, or see people you haven’t seen for years, and right when you were thinking about him or her, they appeared in front of you.
  2. Something is going to come randomly to you to help you when you actually have some problems.
  3. You watch TV series or movies, and while you do so, you feel as you watch your life.
  4. Some strangers talk with you about problems you were dealing with.
  5. At the time our Universe brings you the necessary and right individuals simultaneously, you know they are the ones you need.
  6. A reassuring message out of nowhere.
  7. Repetition of numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 555, 888.

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