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Libra Super Full Moon Rising Today And It’s Going To Make A Shift In Your Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

If you have been feeling alone lately, then there’s good news for you. The Libra full Moon is going to set up close connections for you. It is occurring on the day of the equinox, just after the Sun makes its entry in Aries.

But that doesn’t really end there. The next month, we will have a Second Libra full moon, on the 19th. So, we will be re-evaluating our relationships and have a look inside ourselves as well. There’s no escape.

If you are thinking that Libra will give you its signature harmony, well, you might get disappointed. The season is not going to be sweet. Rather, there will be an uncomfortable force forming inside you that will be like a tiny bud trying to push out of its casing.

The Libra Full Moon will bring connections between the You and I, and the I vs the collective Union. The energy can be disruptive and there will be a dichotomy between the collective and the individual, as well as between feminine and masculine archetypes.

Due to this conflict, each group would want some kind of dominance. They are motivated for different reasons. The wounded masculine side will try to overcompensate as there is development to make room for women too.

The Sun, which is Masculine in nature, will get the impact of the wounded healer, Chiron. On the other hand, the Moon, which represents emotions and the feminine side, is making quincunx with the rebel Uranus.

Once the rebel is brought into the equation, there is no more settling down in peace. There needs to be a quick change and a liberating one. People may get shocked by sudden changes, but there is nothing that anyone can do to escape it.

However, you should not get too profligate with your finances. Finances will be controlled by your feminine side as the Moon’s rule is Venus, who is the goddess of money and love.

However, it is detached and present in Aquarius. Aquarius can be indulgent and she is being egged on by Jupiter, the expansive planet.

Aquarius is not looking for fulfillment. Once the full moon gets over, she’s going towards Mars which rules over our drives. Mars will be under her order and will do her bidding.

She will be demanding some things that need to happen and Mars will make sure that it does. In this manner, she wants to get proof of the friendship present between her and Mars.

Mars and Venus will come in a square, that means they will push against each other. This will result in a kind of comedic situation – almost like the movies which use different kinds of verbal pyrotechnics so as to mask any kind of sexual behavior.

But since Mars is going to be in Taurus, there will be something physical that will be the whole outcome of it. Thus, we will find on earth that actions are louder than words. We need actions – we will no longer believe in words.

Venus will come in contact with Uranus too and this will be a kind of mutual reception. There will be radical shifts that take place when the pair comes in alignment. Due to this alignment, there might be some progressive thoughts making headway too during this period.

Since the power of Mercury retrograde is subsiding, we will have better communication with one another. He is in Saturn who loves to be organized and so, there will be order back in our lives. Relationships will improve.

The Libra full moon will occur at 0 degrees of Libra which means that there will be certain collective events that will affect all of us.

The Libra Full Moon on March 2019 will be the last one in this year’s Full moon cycle in the first degree, and so it will bring out all the raw emotions out of us. The April full moon will take place at 29 degrees, which will reset the pattern of lunations from the past years. Then, there will be New Moons coming to each of the same axes.

The power of change is coming to us during this Full Moon period. Be ready!

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