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How To Break Free From Toxic Relationship Patterns

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by Conscious Reminder

There are not quite a lot of guarantees in our lives, but, there can actually be one, and it is going through a failed relationship.

Although there are several exceptions, the world of dating seems to be quite an intimidating one to be in, and a lot of people are actually left questioning themselves.

When they reach that point, they will probably ask themselves if they are toxic, or what they have to change about themselves.

Sure, we are not supposed to change the person we are. However, after being dumped for several times, we may have to reassess our habits, and patterns, to prevent a greater heartache.

Although it would be difficult to think about it in this way, reaching this point means that we are probably onto something. This doesn’t make us bad individuals, but striving for some positive changes will be a quite noble act. It will also not be that hard at all.

According to different experts, following the steps below will make us be right on the appropriate track in just a short time:

We should learn how to forgive, particularly ourselves.

When we are continually failing into relationships, it could be time to simply alert ourselves. We should not be tough on ourselves, as this will not help any situation.

Rather than that, we should think for a while, and remember that every person has reasons for his or her bad behavior and that making mistakes during our lives is quite normal.

We should not reinforce the behaviors and never lose hope. We should simply move forward in our lives.

We should take stock.

Right when we decide to start dating someone, we should sit down, thinking about that someone without bias or ‘love goggles.’ Using a paper, we should make two different columns, and list everything we want to have in a really good relationship.

After that, in the column number two, we should write down what really happens in our relationship with the person. Is the gap huge? If it is, we should rethink.

We should learn to notice warning signs.

We have to remember that we shouldn’t overlook everything we did in our past. If we notice some bad signs, we are not bad for simply breaking it off during that particular moment. We should not wait for this situation to simply escalate.

We should clarify what we expect.

Right before we start something which will be serious, we should tell the individual what we expect. We shouldn’t be aggressive about all that, but we should not be passive too. We should know what we really want, our expectations, and our limits, and be quite transparent with them too.

We should understand that we all make mistakes, which means nobody is perfect.

Every person in this world has bad habits and traits. We should not entirely dismiss someone because he or she was only a human, but, we should also not be too accepting. We are supposed to find the balance.

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