ARE WE ALONE? 234 Strange Signals From Outer Space Could Mean Aliens Are Contacting Us

Researchers speculate that 234 different alien civilizations are beaming pulses of the same periodicity –of 1.65 picoseconds— towards planet Earth. Interestingly, our civilization has the technology to generate such a signal if we ever wanted to reveal ourselves to potential civilizations inhabiting the universe.

A set of 234 strange signals from outer space may be the result of intergalactic alien communication.

Two astronomers have recently published a research paper where they propose they’ve spotted messages from advanced alien civilizations. Not one, but 234 Alien civilizations.

The new discovery has sparked a worldwide debate where scientists are discussing the potential origin of the anomalous transmission.

While many astronomers agree the claim is premature, others believe the two astronomers may actually be onto something.

In a study published four years ago, Emanno Borra from the Laval University in Quebec proposed that advanced alien civilizations use LASERS in order to communicate through space.


If ET is really using lasers and points them towards Earth, we would eventually spot periodic bursts of light hidden within the spectrum of their hosting star.

These ‘signals’ would be very faint and rapid, however, using mathematical analysis we would eventually find them.

Speaking about intergalactic alien communication, Borra said: “The kind of Energy needed to generate this signal is not Crazy.”

In fact, Borra was able to demonstrate that our civilization has the technology to generate such a signal if we ever wanted to reveal ourselves to potential civilizations inhabiting the universe.

This theory catapulted Borra’s graduate student Eric Trottier to search through a fascinating 2.5 million stars which were closely followed by the Sloan Digital Survey, in hopes of finding such a signal. It turns out that he actually found it, and not one but 234 singles from 234 different stars.

As it turns out, most of these stars in the same spectral category as our own sun. This hypothesis, claims Borra, is a tell-tale signature which could be attributed to extraterrestrial civilizations with technology similar or superior to ours.

Borra speculates that 234 different alien civilizations are beaming pulses of the same periodicity –of 1.65 picoseconds— towards planet Earth.

Borra and Trottier looked at different possibilities. “We have to follow a scientific approach and not an emotional one,” said Borra. “But intuitively –my emotion speaks now— I strongly suspect that it’s an ETI signal.”
However, many astronomers suggest those are bold claims.

Peter Plavchan from the Missouri State University in Springfield said:

“They don’t consider every natural possibility and jump prematurely to the supernatural –so to speak— conclusion. I think its way too premature to do that,“ concluded Plavchan.”

Andrew Siemion, director of the SETI Research Centre at the University of California Berkeley agrees and says: “There is perhaps no bolder claim that one could make in observational astrophysics than the discovery of intelligent life beyond the Earth.”

atacama-large-millimeter-submillimeter-array“It’s an incredibly profound subject—and of course that’s why many of us devote our lives to the field and put so much energy into trying to answer these questions. But you can’t make such definitive statements about detections unless you’ve exhausted every possible means of follow-up.”

So Follow up it is.

The Breakthrough Listen Initiative which is a project lead by Andrew Siemion will do just that, search for signs of intelligent life beyond Earth. Siemion and his team plant to study some of the stars Borra’s sample using the 2.4-meter Automated Planet Finder Telescope at the Lick Observatory in California.

While there is a great possibility we are looking at the ultimate evidence there are hundreds of advanced alien civilizations out there, we must not jump to conclusions.

While Siemion will analyze some of the stars where signals originated from, he believes that the spectral patterns may have been caused by errors in calibration or data analysis.

On a different note, what if these civilizations aren’t sending messages to us? What if they are sending messages to “others” here on earth?

What is your opinion? Are we alone?

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!


  1. We’re not alone. Lasers pointing at earth… Well, all I know is that some nights what others would see looking at the sky, it’s stars. Though, I tried taking a picture of what was a ” moving” star, only moving very slightly though, not something you’d notice if you glanced quickly though, but sobering I noticed because I was watching for long enough to notice and strangely, felt, that yes, maybe a laser, or something else, prevented me from getting a clear shot… Looking at that picture afterward, noticed that there was a second reflection of the star, as if that star was pointing something at my camera … Stars don’t bounce back beams of light when you take a picture… So, not that I have any knowledge of technology, just a simple girl, going on intuition and feelings… Who loves to watch the stars… Has noticed that some stars have perfect geometric shape, and they don’t blink like the other stars do. Am I the only one that notices these things? I wish I had a telescope… Because I know my eyes aren’t deceiving me… I almost get the sense that they blink in a type of highly evolved Morse code… I get the sense like they are drawing maps, collecting data, measuring energy…. But hey, that’s just me and the thoughts that’s been popping into my head.
    But no. I don’t think we are alone.



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