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Are You An Arcturian Starseed?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There is a constellation named Bootes 36.7 light years away. The beings of this constellation are called the Arcturians. The have a constitution of 4D or 6D.

They have immense intellectual knowledge and analytical power along with unmatched wisdom and they love to share it. They are scientific, alchemists they break codes, they are healers, deep thinkers and they can travel between dimensions.

How to know an Arcturian Starseed?

Arcturians are an ancient race. They have incarnated into recent beings. They are highly intelligent and analytical. They are introverts but have an intelligent sense of humor which is enjoyable. They have strong sense of beliefs and morals.

They also know how to plan well and always abide by their plans. Architecture is their forte and they love geometry. They always experiment and turn their imagination into reality.

Common Traits

These are the common traits they have:

They do not feel that they belong to a specific hierarchy or a family. They have a love for subjects like geometry, astronomy, philosophy, mathematics, quantum physics, metaphysics, they love ancient civilizations.

They have low body temperatures and low blood pressure, they experience synesthesia. They have geometrical patters floating around them whenever they close their eyes. New technology attracts them along with experiments. They have amazing memory.

They are empathetic and have a lot of philosophical questions. They are not easy to break and want to make a new world. They are organised and good planners. They make amazing creations in music and science and anything that is unique to them.

Why have they come to earth?

Their main priority is to create a balanced world.  They are trying to complete their goals by being spiritual guides and as physicaly being incarnated as starseeds. To complete their mission, many of them are working in fields of research, architecture, science, building and mathematics.

They are developers of energy sources and find new ways to conserve energy more effectively. They craft new homes with their knowledge of the sacred geometry. They see beyond the reality. They teach us how to balance life.

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