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Pluto Goes Retrograde Today: Expect Months With Accent On Power & Wealth

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by Conscious Reminder

The last few weeks have been rather intense, bringing in rapid changes. Due to an absence of planets in retrograde, things have been moving forward with strong energy.

Around 24-25th April, the motion of things will be altered with the beginning of Pluto’s Retrograde.

Within a few weeks Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn will also follow Pluto’s suit. Their combined energy will provide us with ample time to slow down our pace and reflect.

As you may know, Retrograde is the time during which we are to look inward. This is the perfect time for introspection and reflection. So, dive deeper to find the core of stability and security.

The things that are withering away might not be completely lost. All the cracks will highlight the things which need to be rebuilt.

The recent world events can be traced back to, January 2020, the time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The planets may not be directly linked to the events of the world. They do, however, reflect the world order, and help us gain a better and keener insight.

Astrology’s foundational premise is to find the reflection of the stars and the sky in the real world–as above, so below. So, by reaching out to the stars and the planets, one can delve deeper into the self.

Pluto is the planet of rebirth and death. As it begins its Retrograde we must glance back to our past, and review our actions. Now is the perfect time to reflect on our precious transformations and try to change our lives even further.

It might be really helpful to look as far back as October 2019 and trace our growth since then. Also, look out for clues that might help you in your future transformation.

Using the seeds sown around October 2019, we must seek to reach a deeper awareness of the soul. Strive for deeper transformation based on the events of 2019 October.

You can move forward only by thinking back at the major themes, which guided your life last October. Unearthing deeper layers may also involve peeling away certain layers.

Always remember that the same events won’t be repeated on a loop. The theme, however, will remain the same. Try to find the hidden clues, and proceed from there.

With the beginning of Pluto’s Retrograde journey, our spiritual core will also gain stimulus. Any journey towards wisdom, awakening, and illumination will be fruitful.

Pluto’s Retrograde is bound to slow the pace, even at a global level. Slowing down isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it will provide us with ample time to peep beneath the surface.

The planet is also associated with wealth, control, and power. These areas get highlighted every time Pluto is active.

It is like a mirror, shining its bright light upon all the places where change is required to create a better and brighter future.

Pluto’s movement is conducive to research and investigation. It will help us gain more knowledge and better understanding. Of course, it might be difficult to make complete sense of everything before the 4th of October, 2020, when Pluto will go direct.

The importance of October 2020 cannot be emphasized enough. It will reveal new information and facts, which will impact our lives like never before.

When Pluto goes direct around, we will gain more clarity. We will finally understand what is functional and what isn’t, both at the personal level and the global level.

Pluto’s direct motion will allow us to make the necessary changes and give us the space to be reborn. So, don’t be afraid and accept what Pluto is showing you.

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