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How To Learn Everything About A Person By Reading Their Face

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Many believe that the ‘Face is the Index of Mind’. All your emotions play out on your face at least slightly. It’s not hard to tell what someone is feeling based on the look on their face.

This article will teach some traits to look for through which you can learn quite a bit about a person. Psychologists believe that you can understand what someone is thinking through these markers.

1. Do they have self-confidence?

A long and thin face shows that that person is always hyper aware of their every action and they are constantly rethinking those actions. But if the face is wider than long, they are not so aware and they have a good deal of confidence in themselves.

2. Are they approachable?

For this you need to look at their eyebrows. If there is a wide gap from their eyebrows to their eyes, they are not very approachable and are picky about the people they allow into their lives. The smaller that gap is, the more approachable they are. They are quite friendly and easy to talk to.

3. Are they tolerant and patient?

Once more, you need to observe their eyebrows carefully, especially at the gap between the eyebrows. No matter their sex, this gap will determine how patient they are. If the eyebrows are close together, they will be short tempered and impatient. Their patience and tolerance levels will get higher the larger that gap is.

4. Is theirs a dominant personality?

Quite a few facial features can point to how dominating a person is capable of being. Here the eyebrows are again important. If they are on the thicker side, they signify a dominant personality. If they are thin, the person is slightly submissive. Eyebrows that are too thin are problematic because they indicate that the person has barely any confidence in themselves.

5. Are they stoic or more expressive of their feelings?

Now take a look at their eyes. Big eyes signify sensitivity and feeling. People with big eyes also like being in the spotlight and crave for the attention of others. Unfortunately, most of their lives are dictated by the front they wish to present to those around them and they prevent themselves from being free to do what they love. They tend to act on impulse without thinking about the consequences.

6. Can they be discreet?

Along with the eyes, take a look at the lips as well. If they have large eyes, don’t tell them your secrets because they will tell the world. Once they begin to talk, nothing and no one can stop them from spilling it all out. However, if their upper lip is smaller than the lower or if they are the same size, it is not as risky because they are capable of being discreet if they wish to.

7. Can they be humorous?

Notice the gap separating the nose from the lips. The larger the gap, the more humorous they are. If you’ve noticed, the best comedians tend to have a large gap separating their noses from their upper lips. A smaller gap indicates that a person will not like being made fun off even if it is all in good spirits.

8. Are they attractive?

Pay close attention to the color of their eyes. If it is a deep and intense color, the person won’t have much trouble attracting whoever it is they wish to. This is why there are times when a seemingly average looking person is seen as more attractive than a conventionally pretty person.

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