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It’s Dangerous To Know The Future – Here’s Why!

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by Conscious Reminder

“Do you know why they treated clairvoyants and astrologers so cruelly in the Bible?”-I asked the woman who was reading the cards in front of me.

“Probably because they were giving people the wrong information” – guessed the woman.

“No, it happened because the information was almost always right. It’s dangerous to know the future.”

“Then how can psychic people predict the future and feel normal after it?”

“It was never a coincidence that clairvoyants gave undefined answers. We become easily addicted to the future – it starts to control and shape us. However, the clearer we see the future, the stronger the desire to use it. When the man isn’t aware of the future, he knows that his biggest protection is his love towards God and his ethics.

When we become aware of the possible outcomes in our future, we are tempted to change it, but without changing ourselves, which by default ends tragically. That’s why it wasn’t meant for everybody to peep into the future. The information we get must give us the possibility to choose. So, the better centered a person is, the better the way he or she chooses.

No matter how strange it sounds to you, but sometimes it’s useful to give your client wrong information, it definitely won’t harm them. However, on the other hand, a true information can lead to total destruction of a person. “

“Ok, but can you tell me what you tell your clients when you see their future?”
“For starters, I never really tell them about what I see. I might say something like: “Maybe this or that will happen to you…”. “Maybe” doesn’t mean that something WILL CERATAINLY happen. I, also, say: “If you don’t change, this might happen…”. That way, people start thinking, and in time they will understand that by changing themselves, they change their future as well.

I actually restrict myself from seeing any concrete situations in the future because that goes straight against my ethics.”

Sergey N. Lazarev

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