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Moon Phases And How They Affect Your Mind, Body & Soul

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by Conscious Reminder

There’s so much to love about the moon that it’s easy to crave its attention, guidance, and mystical qualities.

All you have to do to feel powerful in the moon’s presence is stand in awe of it and let its glowing rays of light wash over you. If you learn to live your life in accordance with the phases of the moon, you will not only be one step ahead in harnessing its potential, but you will also be more empowered in your daily life.

The moon rules over your inner world in astrology; the part of you that no one else sees. The moon, which lives and breathes in the shadow of night, guards your secrets, emotions, and imaginary world. The moon is also the keeper of astrology, sometimes referred to as the “mother,” so you can rest assured that the moon will always protect you. However, as the moon moves through the ups and downs of the lunar cycle, it emits various energies that have an ongoing impact on your life.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the moon doesn’t always look the same when you look up at it. The moon can be bright and plump at times, resembling a full sphere of celestial light. At times, the moon is invisible, as if it is hidden behind the cloak of night. There are times when it appears to be a delicate curl in the sky. There are also instances where it appears to have been sliced in half. Believe it or not, each of these moon phases has its own distinct meaning.

Here’s everything you need to know about the spiritual meanings of the lunar phases:

New Moon (Beginning Again)

Spiritually: Consider the new moon to be not only a new beginning, but also a time of retreat — a time to gather your strength to begin again. The new moon is associated with new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates. You should use this time to do a thorough reboot. Imagine yourself recharging under the energy of a new moon. Mentally toss out all unwanted thoughts and excess junk. Plant the seed of something new as you release yourself from the grip of the past. Make a wish, set an intention, or decide to start a new project. A new moon only wants you to start over.

Scientifically: A new moon occurs when the sun and moon are on the same side of the Earth. Because the sun is not facing the moon, the dark side of the moon appears to be facing us from Earth. In astrological terms, this is the moment when the sun and moon align.

Waxing Crescent (Embracing Desire)

Spiritually: The waxing crescent moon represents intention, hopes, and wishes. You may feel more motivated and ready to embrace your desires after recharging under the new moon. This is the time to give your intentions life by taking the first steps toward your goals and becoming excited about the journey ahead.

Scientifically: As the sun starts moving closer to the new moon, it becomes illuminated again. Just before it waxes into a first quarter moon, a crescent appears, revealing a sliver of light.

First Quarter Moon (Action)

Spiritually: Because the first quarter moon occurs a week after the new moon, this is when you may begin to encounter obstacles. If you set your intentions during the new moon, you will face your first challenges in achieving them here. This moon’s themes are challenges, decisions, and action. Your week of rest and intention-setting is complete, and you may now be motivated to work harder. Remember the intention you set during the previous new moon and make decisions with it in mind, no matter how difficult it becomes.

Scientifically: The first quarter moon meaning is also known as the first-quarter phase because it occurs one week after the new moon phase. It is the first half-moon after the new moon, and thus the first-quarter phase, which occurs when the moon has completed a quarter of its monthly cycle of lunar phases.

Waxing Gibbous (Redirecting Course)

Spiritually: The themes associated with this moon are adjustment, review, and taking control. You may begin to notice some of your mistakes, and this phase of the moon will help you determine whether you need to reevaluate what you’re doing and change course. Things are heating up as the full moon approaches, encouraging you to take your goals more seriously than ever before.

Scientifically: A waxing moon is one stage closer to becoming a full moon. Because a large portion of the moon is illuminated during the day, it is easily visible.

Full Moon (Harvest)

Spiritually: Because the sun and moon are in opposing zodiac signs, they are also in opposing zodiac signs. This adds to the tension as you try to strike a balance between two extremes. Emotions can definitely run high during this time as you try to make sense of everything you’re feeling. The full moon, on the other hand, is a time of revelation, reward, and, of course, change. This is when the fruits of your labor will be revealed. The seed you planted on the new moon has blossomed and bloomed, preparing for harvest. A dramatic conclusion to a story that began on the new moon occurs.

Scientifically: When the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, it is called a full moon. Because the sun is directly across from the moon, the light illuminates it completely, giving the moon the appearance of being completely full on Earth.

Waning Gibbous (Gratefulness)

Spiritually: The effects of the waning gibbous moon speak to themes of gratitude, generosity, and enthusiasm. You should be reaping the benefits of your two weeks of hard work. Your metaphorical crops are flourishing, and you should be seeing some (albeit minor) results from your previously established goals and intentions. You may feel compelled to repay those close to you, particularly those who have assisted you along the way. You might even want to share some of the knowledge you gained on this lunar journey with someone else.

Scientifically: After a full moon, the moon begins to dim again, waning toward the last quarter moon.

 Last Quarter (Release)

Spiritually: This moon’s themes are release, letting go, and forgiveness. You may be ready to let go of all the baggage you’ve been carrying, just as the moon gradually loses its size. You may have faced numerous challenges throughout the month. You will be able to let go of grudges, anger, and regret under this moon. Set down anything that feels too heavy and pointless to carry any longer.

Scientifically: The last quarter moon is the inverse of the first quarter moon. The moon wanes and shrinks after a full moon. The moon now resembles a half-slice of lemon.

Waning Crescent (Surrender)

Spiritually: This is your opportunity to surrender, rest, and recover. During this time, you may feel a little empty. You’ve gone through an entire moon cycle, and things have come and gone whether you wanted them to or not. You are now preparing to enter a new cycle. There isn’t much you can do but accept what has happened and surrender to what is no longer under your control. To put it another way, let fate drive.

Scientifically: The moon appears in the sky like a toenail. This phase of the lunar cycle (also known as the balsamic moon) reveals the last rays of light before the new moon’s darkness.

If all of this moon magic seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. It’s best to start with the new and full moon phases, because the new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and the full moon represents the point of culmination and emotional climax.

The new moon occurs when the sun and moon align on the same degree of a particular zodiac sign. And, while the moon is invisible to us here on Earth, the combination of energies emanating from both of these ever-glowing luminaries is sufficient to begin a brand-new chapter of life, which is why we are encouraged to plant our seeds of intention.

The full moon is notorious for evoking emotional intensity, but there is a reason for this lunacy. During the full moon phase, for example, the sun (representing the ego, soul purpose, and one’s physical reality) sits directly across from the moon (representing one’s emotions, innermost feelings, and shadow side).

During this time, the opposing and gravitational pull grips the ocean tides, both within and around us, at least geographically. This reveals energies that were previously hidden from our conscious minds, as well as what may be out of balance in our current reality.

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