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Buck Full Moon’s Spiritual Significance

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by Conscious Reminder

The approaching full “buck” moon has a lot of influences and pushing your entrepreneurial side is one of them.

The sparkly July lunation will climb the skies on July 13th in Capricorn. As such, prepare for an injection of motivation as it pushes us to stay focused on our goals and objectives.

Moreover, according to astrologers, this will be the brightest and largest Supermoon this year! Thus, the energetic influence on the collective will be amplified along with their emotions. Full Moons are usually closely related to climaxes and culminations, making them that much more emotionally overwhelming.

Capricorn, as a sign, is closely related to the journey towards the fulfillment of our purpose. As such, the July “Buck” Moon will reflect this energy of seeking accolades and recognition. It will give us a clearer picture of the things we need to do and the things we need to drop to be on the path toward our goals.

The Spiritual Significance Of The July Full Super Moon

“Buck” is a moniker given to all July Full Moon. During this time in summer, the antlers of male deer reach their peak growth. Spiritually, astrologers believe the antlers signify our ability to harness our full potential.

The lunation’s energy stands for how we shed layers off of ourselves and attain a fresh version. The period not only calls for stepping into our spiritual purpose but also parting ways with habits and practices that keep us from actualizing our full manifestation.

Since the July “Buck” Full Moon will take place in the middle of the 2022 Cancer season, there will be a nostalgic vibe in the air. The collective might also be emotionally sensitive, particularly regarding the public image.

Other themes during this lunation will be showing and guiding us toward a better work-life balance, renovations concerning home, family, and our sense of belonging. Furthermore, Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, will also be retrograde along with Neptune. These retrograding planets will want us to be more responsible and complete our work.

Even though the release is a primary theme, like usual, for this Full Moon, there will be other harmonious aspects during the July lunation which may signal new beginnings. There will be aspects forming with the lunar nodes governing fate, the moon, and the sun which will encourage us to take risks and jump toward our destiny.

Working With The Energy Of The Buck Full Moon

Since the July Full Moon will take place in a cardinal sign, there can be noticeable shifts in public persona and professional life. These can result in career shifts or how we pursue long-term targets and achievements.

The Full Moon in July will be focused on taking the initiative and zeroing in on objectives but also being patient. This will be a great time for thinking about how we discipline ourselves and how we define success.

Moreover, the earth sign Capricorn is practical in nature. So, we should aim to ground ourselves via nature hikes, stargazing, and meditation as they also double as great methods of connecting ourselves with this lunation’s power.

Capricorn is also a steady and slow sign, so it will be important for us to take our time as we perform our rituals. Materialistically, reaching our purpose needs actionable steps first.

Astrologers explain that this will be the perfect time for applying for the job we have always dreamt of or simply believe in your luck and take a leap of faith. As important as reaching the goal is, the journey should be appreciated too.

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