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Do You Have Silver Aura? This Is What It Means!

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Some might believe otherwise, but silver is the colour of spiritual and physical growth. Also, having Silver color aura. Silver is rare to see and it doesn’t come in so many shades. Silver manifests in two different tones in the aura: dark and bright.

Dark Gray: having a darker shade of a color in your aura isn’t usually something positive. If the aura contains dark greyelish or dark silver tones, it means that fear is present in your life. It might also be a sign of illness and health problems. If you see dark silver/gray in an isolated part of the body, it means that there is a problem connected to that region.

Bright Silver: If your aura contains a lot of silver, it might mean that you don’t lack abundance and money. It is also a sign that you are highly intuitive. Silver also represents new concepts and ideas.

People With Silver Aura Posses These Traits:

The mind of the people having silver aura is clear and sharp. They are disciplined people and can find the solution to the problem readily. They don’t get addicted to anything and live efficient and graceful lives. In all the aspects of their lives, you will see simplicity.

What Is So Special About The Silver Color:

Silver is the colour of spirit. Psychics usually have a silver tone in their aura as the spirits often communicate with them. Some people having a silver aura could even travel into different realms. It is also an expression of magic and power.

But too much silver is the indicator of over excessive connection with the spiritual space. It not only affects the person spiritually but physically as well. It leads to weakening of the body with the lowering of natural immunity.

What Having A Silver Aura Means:

Aura colours don’t remain the same every day and changes with time. If the silver colour appears in your aura, it could mean that you are getting help from the spirits. If you are feeling blocked due to any reason, it will go away soon. Your life will speed up, and you will progress towards betterment.

Having silver also indicates the dispersion of darkness from your life.  You will not remain stagnant anymore. This colour could be used as the protective shield around the aura. It keeps the negative energy away and purifies the psychic realms.

Actually, you can benefit a lot from adding silver color to your life. For example, the Silver has the potential to:

  • Make you stronger
  • Give your life a new momentum
  • Help you deal with apathy
  • Help to cut the cords between you and toxic people
  • Strengthen and promote healthy connections and relationships

Overall, people having silver aura are genuinely gifted. They are highly sensitive with intuition and practicality. Their psychic abilities are also very well developed when they use them. They usually take the roles of teachers, counselors and mentors due to these capabilities.

These people are extraordinarily versatile and adapt to different environments quickly. They avail every opportunity they get in life.

Their intuition allows them to take right decisions at the right time. This ability is not only beneficial for them, but for the other people as well who live with them or connected with them in any way.

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