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The Depression The Runner Twin Flame Feels

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by Conscious Reminder

The runner depression of twin flames is among the principal symptoms and signs of separation. We can even consider it the symptom of soul shock.

It probably sounds rich that those people who run from relationships are those that feel down about their relationships. We should all know that when there is a separation in these relationships, none of the partners should feel guilty, because it isn’t their fault.

Depression will affect twin flame chaser and runner.

Separation symptoms in twin flame relationships are almost identical for the partners in those relationships; however, their reactions differ.

For example, although both of them are going to experience depression, the ways in which they will do that will be different. The one that is the chaser is often going to have the need to blame, and he or she will fall quickly into self-pity and anger.

Rather than that, the runner is going to be quite confused about his or her feelings and is going to try to simply deny those feelings. It may be hard for chasers to simply sympathize with partners here; however, sympathy will be warranted.

What will cause the depression of twin flame runners?

Soul shocks are like heartbreaks on steroids; however, they happen on pure levels of energies. The upheaval at the time of separation from our twin flame will upset our flow of energies, leading to various spiritual problems.

Depression will probably be the most frequent symptom indicating soul shocks, together with insomnia and anxiety.

The down we feel is as a result of depression is the symptom of blockages of the chakras in our subtle bodies. With our energetic twin flame gone from our lives all of a sudden, the flow of energies through us will be weakened and may bunch up in the inside of our energy center.

When we leave it untreated or undetected, it will lead to blockages, and those blockages will after that lead to symptoms such as depression.

How can we fix the depression of twin flame runners?

If we are the runners in our relationships, there are various ways for us to simply get over our depression. One of the main reasons why we run from our relationships is that we aren’t quite prepared for them – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or any other combination.

Identifying the root of our problems will be the primary thing we have to do. After that, we have to start controlling our lives and relationships by simply solving all the problems which keep us apart.

We should read and inform ourselves about the journeys we are on. A lot of runners feel afraid of by the journeys’ intensity, but understanding their benefits often puts that fears aside. Unluckily, we are probably chasers – runners will run from the problems they have, and they will never read about those problems.

For us, all we can do would be to prepare ourselves. We should send our runner support and love by using our telepathic connection, imagine progress for that person, ask our guides to constantly watch over him or her – these things may help us speed the process up by simply supporting our twin.

At the end of the day, the chaser will need to fix him or herself before he or she is prepared for us. He or she will have the ability to do all that just by awakening him or herself to life’s spiritual sides. Also, he or she will eventually have the ability, if not in this particular life, in the next one.

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