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The Spiritual Meaning Of June’s Cancer New Moon 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

The summer’s most anticipated lunation is coming on June 28 and will be bringing forward a  great opportunity for you, to dip your toes in magic, warmth, and emotions aplenty.

The new moon in June 2022 will help you reflect inwards and will also inspire you to focus on your feelings. It will also help you to connect to your heart and we will take this chance to help you utilize its sensitive magic.

New moons are all about new beginnings, provided that this phase of the moon will reset the lunar cycle. New moons are also thought to be periods of introspection when you can get in touch with your intuitions and clarify your feelings.

Feel free to take a dive into your heart and get real with your inner feelings.

What Is The Meaning Of The June New Moon 2022?

The upcoming June New Moon is the only new moon of this year that will take place in Cancer. This is quite significant as Cancer is ruled by the moon.

The lunation takes place in its home and with the alignment of the Sun and moon, you will notice a rising emphasis on comfort, nostalgia, emotions, and especially, family.

Generally, Cancer offers the energy to allow yourself to be swayed by the breeze of your feelings, so you need to go with the flow now.

If you desire to go back to the safety of your shell for some self-reflection, the New Moon will offer you a great chance to do so.

The upcoming lunation will launch you into the summer, so it is vibrating with the energy of something fresh. This phenomenon is heightened due to a lunar square-off with Jupiter, which carries blessings wherever it goes.

The squaring-off and sweet connection to Venus will give you a chance to experience your feelings in all their might and the spiritual meaning of this new moon will give you the strength during such sentiments.

How Can You Work With This Energy?

The New Moon will rise, one week, right after the summer solstice, so the summer’s bounties will still be at a high. 

Since this is the first new moon of the summer, this will be a beautiful time for you to set your intentions and plan a summer manifestation ritual to boost your goals.

You will be inspired to think bigger, thanks to Jupiter’s blessings, and will find ways to get some activity in your summer dreams.

The Neptune retrograde will also kick off on the same day, so the spiritual and introspective vibes will be quite high.

The tender lunation and Cancer’s rule will create the best environment to connect with “water”. Try to relax and take a moon bath. Give some time to nurture your soul’s desires.
The energy of Cancer is about being compassionate and caring so indulge in self-care and honor this moment.

Place a jar of water under the new moon and charge it with the magic in the air. Use this water for future manifestation rituals.

You can also enhance the new moon practice by working with crystals for the upcoming solstice. This will assist you to channel your confidence and warmth and apply it to your plans for the new moon.

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