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Overcoming These 12 Barriers Will Drastically Ease Your Spiritual Journey

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by Conscious Reminder

Every spiritual journey has its own kinds of barriers and we need to overcome those barriers in order to achieve spiritual bliss and peace. Here we list 12 spiritual barriers that you may have to overcome in your spiritual journey; take note:

1. Defining yourself:

We tend to define ourselves but we forget that in the process of defining ourselves we limit ourselves. We end up setting goals for ourselves that are smaller. We can achieve so much more if we resist from defining ourselves in completion and letting universe decide what it wants for us.

2. Letting your job become your life:

We end up thinking that what we do and possess defines us. But this isn’t true. We have much more potential than our jobs and our identities are much bigger than the professions that we take up for ourselves. Don’t think, you are your job.

3. Heavily criticizing yourself:

Analyzing yourself is good and self evaluation is an important process but we should not analyze ourselves to a point where we begin to dislike ourselves. This isn’t fair. Don’t be too critical of yourself.

4. Being anxious:

Well, don’t worry. Be calm and deal with one problem at a time. Being anxious and worried will not take you anywhere,

5. Letting your ego have the final say:

Don’t things so personally that you start talking from your ego instead of your mind. People say all sorts of things and if you will take everything seriously, it will be very difficult for you to live your life happily and maintain your peace of mind. So don’t take things on a personal level. Let people say whatever they want to say. Only concentrate on criticism that makes you a better person.

6. Guilt:

Guilt is very bad for your spiritual health. Guilt shows that there are decisions you made that you regret and this regret sort of lurks around and affects you personally. Guilt will render you uncomfortable and uneasy; so don’t feel guilty about the things that are way in the past. Just begin to make wiser decisions so that you don’t feel guilty about the decisions you take from now.

7. Delaying and procrastinating:

If you have an attitude of delaying things for tomorrow, it is not good for your productivity. Just give up on your procrastination and try to do as many things as possible rather than postponing them.

8. Being around people who aren’t good for you:

Choose the people whom you want to be around. You have to be in good company because people around you have a direct influence on you and you can only be happy if people around you are good.

9. Seeking validation:

Don’t seek validation from anyone outside of you. Concentrate on yourself and learn to appreciate yourself rather than seek approval from the people around you.

10. Thinking about the past too much:

Don’t think about things that have happened in the past. You aren’t in the capacity to change things that have already happened to you. All that you can change is the way you take the things that have happened to you. So, remember the lessons that you learnt from the events that happened in your life and move on. You are more than your past.

11. Being attached to things:

It is very bad for your spiritual journey if you attach yourself to material things. We initiate a spiritual journey so that we can become more detached from the ‘things’ that are around us. So learn to be more detached from things.

12. Not valuing you time enough:

Time is the most important asset that all of us and if you don’t value time, it won’t value you. You need to learn to respect your time and the time of the people around you as well. Time that is once gone won’t ever come back. So spend it wisely.

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