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The Chinese New Year 2020 Is The Year Of The Rat – Get Ready To Be Extra Productive

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by Conscious Reminder

We are in the 3rd week of this New Year and the first month is almost coming to an end. But not every place has had a traditional New Year, according to the Gregorian Calendar.

25th January will bring about the Chinese New Year and this time, it will be the ‘year of the metal rat’. Rats are generally considered gross and residents of the sewer but they are sweet and adorable. Rats are really hard-working.

That’s why they are always digging holes and make room for themselves. They can teach us a lot about how to be alert as well as how to be more productive in life. Yes, they might seem disgusting at first, since they live in the sewers, but like all animals, they have their great points too.

The Year of the Rat or 2020 brings alertness and flexibility. Those who are born during this time have 2 and 3 as their lucky numbers.

The years prior to 2020 which were the year of the rat are: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008. Years that will be the year of the rat in the future: 2020, 2032.

If your date of birth matches any of these years, then good fortune is coming to you. It will give you a boost of your career and will also help you flourish in love. However, you might face some heart or respiratory issues.

As per Chinese astrologers, early February will be fruitful and motivational for you. It is like a gift. You won’t make many mistakes and regret won’t come to you that easy. It is going to be fu of creativity.

Your energy will manifest itself in a number of ways. During this time, you will feel as if everything you want is possible. You are the architect of your life. You can be whoever you want.

Since 25th January marks the Chinese New Year, your diet should be similar to that of a Rat. You should focus on cheese and nuts and wear precious jewelry in parties. Rats loves to be opulent. The metal element attached with the rat develops into water which, in metal industries, means the peak of activity and productivity.

This year is going to be a massive success for most of us. There might be a few bad days but if we work really hard, there can be serious payoffs as well. 2020 will bring some strange energies to us with which we can interact and increase our vibes.

So, during this period, we need to be as optimistic as possible. Things may not always play out just the way we want it to, but it will work out once you reach the end. You can connect the dots as you reach the end and start seeing the things making more sense when you look at it with a retrospective perspective.

So, this Chinese Year, let the metal rat show you the right path. It will enrich your life and make you so much more productive. You just have to work hard and make everything count.

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