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Mercury Is Out Of Retrograde August 19th: You Can Take A Deep Breath Now

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You know the last week has been exhausting. Ideas were in short supply and inspiration was rarer still.

Your head must have felt scrambled as you were misunderstood and there was miscommunication galore.

There might have been friendships temporarily cut off and past lovers making destructive forays into your relationship.

All in all, quite the glorious mess, no?

There is a reason that you might not have considered: Mercury has been in retrograde. This is a phenomenon that occurs thrice or four times every year: it happens or appears to happen because Mercury revolves around the sun about four times as fast as Earth. As a result, it appears to us that Mercury is revolving backwards.

This apparent backward motion is called a retrograde motion. This is supposedly the cause of all kinds of mental mayhem because Mercury is the planet that rules over communication: with it revolving in the opposite direction, miscommunication did rule.

But now, that phase has ended. Your life will slowly find its way back through this quagmire.

This is because Mercury will take time, but will find its course back.

Being back on course of course spells doom for your phases of brain fog and brain freeze. Which will give you a kind of lucidity that is uncalled for, even for geniuses and maestros.

The secret is to revel in it. You must find time out for yourself and see for yourself, the secrets revealed to you.

The things that retrograde passed into obscurity will now open up. Among them are imagination and dreaming.

Dreams will go back to being the portentous things that they are, showing you glimpses of a future that is far away, in a language not readily recognizable.

Unlike dreams during the retrograde phase(s), things from the past will not come a-rushing into your dreams and will not disrupt the steady flow of the present you have worked so hard to build.

So, sit back and relax. You deserve it. For once, let the creative juices flow and jump into new things that you have not tried before. There is a great chance for them to work themselves out.

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