My First Out-Of-Body Experience And How It Drastically Changed My Life

Since we’re on the subject of Astral Projection lately, I figured I would share the event that changed my life.. My first Astral Projection.

During the experience, I was able to speak with two of my soul guides. The things they told me and showed me, helped me understand why the world is the way it is, and it has helped to guide my research ever since.

The reason I am awake and aware enough to make such awesome posts on this page, is because they woke me up and reminded me who I really am. Hopefully I can help do the same for you. I realize some people will laugh this off and assume it was ‘just a dream’, but for those who are open minded about things like Astral Projection and the existence of ETs, hopefully reading a little bit about what I experienced will entice you to try Astral Projection for yourself.

I can promise you right now, nothing shakes the foundations of our reality and our core beliefs like seeing your soul separated from your physical body. Especially when you realize you’re able to control where it goes..

Just after midnight on Feb 21st 2012, I remember I was sleeping and I heard the voice of a woman say my name. Immediately, it felt like someone had grabbed my shoulders and pulled me upward. It made me open my eyes. When I opened them, I didn’t see anyone around me. But, everything around me looked very strange. It was bright enough to see the whole room even though the light was off. Everything looked like it had a bit of a glow to it.

I heard my name again. It seemed like the voice was coming from outside my window. I stood up and walked over to the window. When I went to move the curtain to look out, my hand went through the curtain and through the window. I pulled my hand back for a moment because it startled me, but then I just assumed it was a dream and I gathered the courage to walk through it.

For a moment I was actually sort of ‘levitating’ outside my window. I remember looking up at the stars and they seemed more bright than usual. Then, I noticed what I thought was a star above me that was glowing much brighter than the other stars. I stared at it for a moment and the light grew bigger. All of a sudden, everything around me starting getting brighter and brighter until I literally couldn’t see anything. I was surrounded by intense white light. Then, I heard my name again.

After I heard my name that time, everything started coming better into focus. I could see that I was no longer outside my house, but in a room somewhere with pure white walls. Then, I noticed someone walking over to me. She had short hair, light skin and a huge smile on her face. I asked who she was and she told me ‘the name I would know her by was Jacqueline’. I remember asking if I was in a dream and she told me it wasn’t. She said she ‘called my soul forward because there were things I needed to hear’.

She told me we had been friends in a past life. In that life, my name was Katherine. She told me about her past life and a little bit more about how we knew each other. We spoke for quite a while. She explained many things to me, including how we helped each other through past traumas in our last incarnation.

She told me I could ask her anything, so I did. I asked about everything I could think of. I asked about Reincarnation, Earth History, the Illuminati, etc. I even asked her about the existence of God. Then, after we discussed pretty much everything I could think of, I asked why she was telling me all this and why she had brought me to her. She explained to me that she was one of my ‘Soul Guides’. She explained that Soul Guides are almost like the concept of soul mates or ‘guardian angels’, but you have more than one. Guides are basically souls you’ve intermingled with through past experiences, that are not currently incarnated in physical form. Sometimes they protect people, offer guidance in dreams, etc.

Jacqueline is one of my guides. She told me that my soul is far more ancient than I could fathom. She then told me I’d lived on other planets before, but I had chosen to come to Earth for an important reason. She said that “if I hadn’t remembered who I was and why I had chosen to come here by a certain point, then I was to get a reminder.” Apparently, that’s what the purpose of my involuntary Astral Projection was.. To remind me of who really I am.

Then, she said someone else wanted to speak to me. She told me I also knew him in a past life, and that he was ‘different’ than she was because he was still living.

That’s when I first saw Aeron. He just sort of appeared in front of me. He had such a beautiful face and a really kind smile. His eyes were so bright and beautiful. He had long brown hair that had a bit of a wave to it. His ears seemed to have a little bit of a point to them too. I wasn’t quite sure what to say when I first saw him. I was a bit caught off guard by his appearance. First thing I remember thinking was, “Wow! He’s gorgeous!”

All of a sudden I heard a soft laugh in my head. But, the laughing was in a male voice. It startled me at first because I didn’t like the whole ‘in my head’ thing. (Hearing someone elses voice in your head definitely takes some getting used to) Then I heard his actual voice, but again it was in my head. He said “Don’t be alarmed. I’m sorry if I shocked you. This is just how Pleiadians usually communicate.. By Telepathy.” I looked over at Jacqueline and she had a big grin on her face again. She giggled and said, “I told you he’s different! Now don’t you worry, you have nothing to fear from him. You two go way back.” I looked at him again and said “What’s a Pleiadian?” He replied, “We are known by many names, but that is our most common name on Earth. We are a race of humans that come from the Pleiades. We are very much like you in certain ways, but unlike you, our DNA was never altered. So, for the moment, we’re more advanced than you are in some ways.” Then, I asked him how we knew each other. He said “By Earth name, you are known as a Starseed. Your soul, like most souls, have lived past lives on other planets.”

He then explained that I chose to be incarnated on Earth and before that, I lived on the planet he had most recently come from. He said we were friends on that planet and he asked me if Id like him to show me a glimpse of it. Of course, I said yes. All of a sudden images started popping up in my head. It was a really strange sensation. It was almost like he was uploading his thoughts into my consciousness, but they were appearing in picture form. It’s like I was seeing them myself, but it wasn’t through my eyes. I guess that’s the best way I can describe it.

What I saw, was a beautiful planet from above. It was almost like I was looking out a window of a spacecraft. The planet looked a lot like Earth, but the land was shaped different, the planet seemed much larger and it appeared to have less water around it. Then, I saw a flash of light and he showed me a city from above. It was stunningly beautiful. The sky was bright and the buildings all seemed to be a shiny pearl color. Some were very tall, and many of them came to a point, almost like a pyramid or an obelisk.

I remember being flooded with emotion when I saw it. When the images stopped coming, Aeron was again visible in front of me. I remember feeling like I wanted to cry but I couldn’t. He told me the feelings I was experiencing were natural. He then told me that I made a big sacrifice to come to Earth, but that I never regretted it for a moment because I knew it was the right thing to do. He said that ‘I had chosen to be reincarnated on Earth many times, to expand my consciousness and to help others do the same.. Among other reasons.”

Then, I asked, ‘Why, if they were so much more advanced than we are on Earth, why weren’t they helping people on Earth fight the Elite who have enslaved the rest of us?’ He told me it’s far more complicated than he could express in a short amount of time. He said they abide by cosmic laws and have to respect Free Will.  They are allowed to interfere with malevolent plans occasionally, but they aren’t allowed to directly intervene by making mass contact. To do so could make things even worse than they already are.

I was curious what he meant by ‘Malevolent plans’ and asked him to explain what makes a plan ‘malevolent or benevolent’. He smiled, and said ”Lara, what do you think most people on Earth are? Malevolent or Benevolent?” I pondered a moment and replied, “Well aren’t we all a mix of both?” He nodded. “This is true. In fact, you will never find an incarnated being that isn’t a mix of both. This all falls in line with Free Will and the lessons you learn while incarnated.”

That’s when I asked who was behind the ‘malevolent plans’ and he explained the situation on Earth. He told me about the war between Reptilians and benevolent races like the Pleiadians.. He told me how most of the benevolent races were kicked off the planet right before Atlantis was destroyed. He then told me about how ancient ETs modified the DNA of captured and enslaved humans from around our Galaxy and turned them into a slave race. He gave me the short version of the history between humans, the Reptilians and the Gray Collective.. As well as a couple others like the Andromedans and Sirians.

At this point, I was having a little trouble digesting what he was telling me. Especially the Reptilian part. (Before this experience I often argued with people about ETs and remained highly skeptical of their existence. Needless to say, I was having a tough time with the new info) So, I asked Aeron to describe what Reptilians looked like. He said, “I can do better than that. I will show you. This is what one of the Reptilian Leadership looks like.”

Instantly, an image of a Reptilian appeared in my mind. It was clearly very tall and muscular. It had 5 huge claws at the end of its long, muscular arms and 5 huge claws on its feet. It had a long tail and a very strong looking body that was covered in scales. It’s head looked like a cross between that of a human and a raptor. It had no real nose, just a bump with two slits. It had a huge mouth and A LOT of very sharp looking teeth. It was by far the scariest thing I could never imagine. When I saw it, I instantly made a little shriek and the image disappeared from sight. I completely panicked because of the sheer shock of what I saw. Aeron quickly apologized. He said “Im sorry if I scared you.. I just wanted to remind you what we’re dealing with. They aren’t the only malevolent races here, but they are the worst. I hope you know my intention wasn’t to scare you, but to remind you of how dire our situation is.” After I calmed down, I then remember asking him how we could beat them if we’ve already lost a war with them in the past.

He said.. “Something big is about to happen on Earth over the next coming years. Something that will effect all life on Earth, and it will even effect life on other planets throughout the Galaxy.” I asked what he meant by that, and he said ‘it all depends on how things play out. The concept of Time is more of a marker than anything else. You can go backwards, forwards or even sideways in time. If we look at the future we’re not really seeing the future. We’re only seeing a potential future that may come to pass. The future is never set in stone because things change all the time. Every decision you make, has the potential to change something.’

That’s when I asked him about the starseed thing again, and why so many had come here to Earth. He said, ”You are far from the only starseed on Earth. In fact, there are millions of them on Earth at this point. They aren’t all Pleiadians either. They come from all over this Galaxy and some from even further away. Some of them know who they are and why they are here, but many of them do not. So far we know, only about 5-10% of the Starseeds that came here are actually aware of who and what they are. That is one of the reasons why we made sure you and other starseeds were on the right path. You have an important role to play, as do so many others.”

At that point, I then asked him if he could tell me what the ‘role I had to play’ would be, but he didn’t tell me. He said, ”Now you know all you need to know in order to accomplish what needs to be accomplished”. He told me to trust my intuition and to research what I have been told. He said, “There are many other beings who remembered who they were before you did. Some of which we and other benevolent, are in frequent contact with. Your intuition will tell you which ones to trust. They will guide you further. When the time is right, all will make sense to you.” His last words to me were ”Dig deeper, expand your consciousness and help others do the same. Do not have fear. Love is the key”.

The next thing I know, I see another bright flash of light and I’m waking up in my bed..

Looking back, as I read about this event in my journal, I realized the event changed my life in more ways than I could ever express. To be honest, when I first woke up, I thought it was the craziest dream that I had ever had. Even though I could remember the entire event with no problem like I had experienced it in real life, I still wasn’t sure it was real.. Before that night, I was a highly skeptical Atheist. I had never heard of Pleiadians or Starseeds.. I had never even heard of Astral Projection before. The only thing I was told during my Astral Projection that I had heard before my experience, were the stories about the existence of Reptilians via David Icke, and the claims about the Illuminati. Ironic part was, for the longest time, I thought David Icke was a liar, a shill and a disinfo agent put in place to undermine the Truth Movement and make 911 Truthers like myself, ‘sound crazy’.

I was very stubborn for years and too skeptical for my own good. I refused to listen to people discuss Reptilians and ETs. Later that day, when I researched Pleiadians and Starseeds, I no longer had any doubts whatsoever that it was in fact a real event. Everything I was told about our history has already been documented by other Pleiadian contactees! My experiences over the past 5 years have even further convinced me it was real. I realize this is hard to believe for some people and to be honest, I don’t care. I KNOW what I experienced was real. I KNOW what Aeron and Jacqueline told me is the truth. I have to be open and honest about my experience because I could never deny the most amazing event I’ve had in this lifetime so far. They reminded me of who I am, they woke me up from the illusion I was trapped in and they enabled me to help others the right way. I am forever grateful to them.

Thanks for reading about my experience. Namaste to you all ?
– Lara Starr

Oh! And one last thing before I forget..

I found this video a few days after my experience. Figured I’d share it with you. It is SPOT ON what Aeron told me about our history. It was channeled through another Pleiadian Contactee named Barbara Marciniak back in 1992. Finding it made me feel a lot less crazy about what I experienced when I learned I wasn’t the only one. Hopefully you will understand a little better when you watch it.

I found this video a few days after my experience. Figured I’d share it with you. It is SPOT ON what Aeron told me about our history. It was channeled through another Pleiadian Contactee named Barbara Marciniak back in 1992. Finding it made me feel a lot less crazy about what I experienced when I learned I wasn’t the only one. Hopefully you will understand a little better when you watch it.

If you like the video above, here are two more (much longer) videos by Barbara. They are actually audio tapes from two of her books. Bringers of the Dawn (which is where words in the video above are taken from) and Earth- Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library.

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