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Can Twin Flames Be Brother And Sister?

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When twin flames come across each other in the material world, their insides fulminate. An explosion that refuses to subside takes a hold of their bodies.

In the beginning, they feel as if they’re feeding barrels of gasoline to this conflagration. This gives rise to an intense sexual hunger which is non-existent in a sibling relationship.

So, can twin flames be sisters and brothers? Absolutely not! A sister brother relationship is dissimilar to the one twin flames share.

It can become fiery and heated, but it can never match the spiritual intensity of a twin flame union.

Twin flames are destined to have romantic relationships that span for an eternity, provided everything fares well for them.

Sisters and brothers can, however, have a soul mate relationship. Twin flames are mirror souls of each other and share similar personality traits.

They are not biologically related, but their origination from a single soul unit is the reason behind their similarities.

Their souls are weaved from the same fabric, and sometimes it’s impossible to call them apart. That’s why people often say that they’re meant to be together.

They must completely consume themselves in each other to serve justice to their existences.

On the other hand, a soul mate relationship is much more spiritually stable. Even though it might have minor disgruntlement during the course of its time span, it can still quickly shift back to normality.

Twin flame relationships, on the other hand, are marked by inconsistencies, and significant unsettling experiences. Even if twin flames become separated from each other, the universe conspires in bringing them back.

The universal code has been programmed in such a way that it always favours their reunion. However, in a soulmate relationship, there’s no such guarantee.

Even though blood binds sisters and brothers, there’s no assurance that they will always find a way back to each other. They share a blood-bond, whereas twin flames share a soul contact which is much more binding.

You can have many soul mates in your life. They come in different shapes and forms. Even your dog can turn out to be your soul-mate. But, you’ll come across only one twin flame in your life.

The divine source which created twin souls didn’t split a single soul into more than one half.

It merely dissected one soul into two parts and set these parts free into different worlds so that they could broaden their spiritual horizons and reunite in the material world.

No such thing was meant for soul-mates. They were created as a part of this world.

A universal source did not create sisters and brothers. They are a result of genetic processes. The only thing that ties them is the similarity of their genes and nothing more.

Twin flames, on the other hand, share a similarity in every aspect. So, the possibility of a twin flame brother and sister is preposterous.

Such a relationship poses a significant threat to the natural laws of the universe. It can unsettle the way the divine source works.

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