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Cancer Supermoon On January 1st, 2018 ∼ Entering 2018 With An Energetic Bang!

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by Conscious Reminder

The first full Moon of the year 2018 is on 1st January and it falls at 11-degree Cancer.

This full moon is a Supermoon as it will be the largest moon of the year. It is also the first one of two full moons that will take place in January. Rising on the first day of the New Year, this full moon will be very powerful and it practically opens 2018 with an energetic bang.

The full moon will be marked by high family values and thus if the parental support is available, one can attract a lot of success to their lives. The auspiciousness of the moon can be judged by the fact that those who will be touched by the full moon, they will find easy work and right people in their life without even trying hard or being ambitious. The people who will be hunting for jobs will find them.

The full moon is also good for a family get-together or a social gathering. You’ll find positive results from these gatherings and the old wounds will be healed. But there is a downside to this as well, as you won’t be able to take any strict or harsh steps as everyone will be a little extra sensitive. You should refrain from putting yourself under too much self-scrutiny as this will not be the perfect time to discipline yourself, either at work or at home.

If you ignore this warning and go heavy on others, you can expect sharp reaction and tantrums. The resentment that will be built against you in their hearts can get extremely bitter and will hurt you in the long run. You may also have to pay heavily for the emotional injuries that you’ll deal to others by being too hard on them during this time.

You’ll do better in safe communities as your sensitivity will be shielded by the neighbouring vibrations. If you are touched by the full moon then you should ideally be away from the rushing city life on this New Year’s Day.

Star and Aspects

The fixed star Alzirr is located in the right foot of the Pollux (one half of Gemini twins). The Pollux is infamous for its evil character and its destructive nature. But we must not forget that it is just one part of the twin system. The star can be destructive if given any chance but good sweet music can work wonders. You must be careful and treat this new moon kindly.

January Full Moon Horoscope

Moon trite Neptune leaves no sense of one’s own self as it creates a longing to merge with others. It is thus best to channel the energy of this moon in social works like helping the sick and the poor. The nurturing aspect of this moon can play a role in making this world a better place.

Moon opposite Venus can find itself stuck and torn between the aspects of nurturing and self-satisfaction thorough sensual pleasures. If one is able to smoothly blend the moon and Venus polarity, they can create beautiful things and also career in Designing, Architecture and Cooking.

Moon opposite black moon Lilith

The black moon and the moon are extreme polar opposites and thus they could very well cancel each other out. But we can still reap some benefits out by helping it break our bad habits but we must be careful as it has the potential to sap our partners dry by feeding their addiction.

This highly auspicious new moon may show stark polarizations due to the evil impact of Pollux but if you’ll be careful and honest, you can start your year with a bang.

This Super Moon has the potential to create a very strong base for the year ahead. Some of you may feel the desire to go back to the old faithful partner whom you thought are boring and simple as you may find that in the long run, a faithful and loving partner is more important than fun.

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