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The Terrifying Feeling Of Being Stuck In A Dream And How To Find Your Way Out

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Dreams are one of the most fascinating things for humans. Maybe the reason is that they are so totally out of our control.

Sometimes, the dreams are so good that we wish they would turn into reality, sometimes they are so fleeting that we wish that we could retain them in our memory and that’d be enough.

And then there are those, which are so terrifying or unpleasant that you wish you could just snap out of them. But then, they are dreams, out of our control.

The average adult suffers from nightmares arising out of anxiety, depression and other mental issues which are the byproducts of this fast-paced lifestyle.

Although, they make one aware of their deepest fears, but they sure take a toll on your sleep and health.

If you have been experiencing these nasty dreams, and can’t seem to be able to get rid of them no matter what you do, you can try these techniques to snap out of dreams that seem to go on forever:

1. Set an alarm to wake you up: 

We start dreaming when we enter the REM sleep. This starts 90 minutes after we have fallen asleep. Although this sleep is crucial for your health, if you are experiencing recurring nightmares you must wake up at this time.

If you set alarms for this time period, you will be awakened by the alarm and won’t have to go through the torture of a nightmare.

2. Set intentions:

Before you sleep, decide what will your course of action be in case of a nightmare. Set an action that you will perform that will be your exit from the dreamscape.

It could be jumping from an elevated point, it could be opening a door and stepping back into reality, whatever suits you. This is a very simple, yet effective technique.

3. Blinking:

 This is similar to the previous point. And though not easy, it will come to you with practice.

4. Keeping a light on:

 When we sleep completely in the dark, we are able to sleep more deeply.

The deeper our sleep, the tougher it is to snap out of a dream. Keeping a light on will keep your sleep light and easier to escape bad dreams.

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