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Super Full Moon In Cancer On January 1st, 2018 ∼ Realizing Your Differences

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This January 1st, a Monday would be a Full Moon. It falls at 11 degrees Cancer. The major astrological effect on this full moon will be because of its position in relation to Venus. 

Venus being in direct opposition to the Moon will cause partners to realize their differences. But there is also present potential for forgiveness and compassion.

Since the Full moon occurs when it is opposite to the Sun, this time of the month is often known to bring out and highlight the opposites in our life as well. All the binaries which rule our life, such as work v/s home, come out in sharp focus.

These conflicts are also capable of making us feel drained out. Our instinctive qualities and emotions, which are often considered to be lunar in nature, are also at their peak.

But on the positive side, you will be able to look at your relationships in an unbiased light and be able to see whether there are any negative dynamics at work. This is made possible because your subconscious is at a higher level of awareness.

The exact position of the full moon is at 11°37′ Cancer. But its aspect is directly opposite to Venus. There are quite a few challenges which will be caused by this Full moon. You’d feel a very urgent and prominent need for loving and being loved, and it will blind you towards the consequences.

It could even make you settle for less than what you deserve just because you are driven by desperation. In relationships, this might cause misunderstandings between partners when their expectations are wildly different.

Conflicts and differences will be highlighted everywhere, be it rivals or friends. There is a very high tendency of fights and disagreements. But there is also huge potential for peaceful solutions to these and a possibility of true love.

The trine Mars of the full moon will bestow courage and resolve which would help you to take lead in situations.

The trine Neptune of the full moon will enhance your empathy and compassion and make your emotional side stronger.

Venus sextile Mars will infuse sexuality and charisma into you. You can be completely confident of yourself when you approach someone.

Venus sextile Neptune will bring in increased creativity and zeal for your sensual side. Experimentations would be welcome.

Mars trine Neptune, another combination which bodes well for your passionate and sensual pursuits.

Mars conjunct Jupiter heralds a good time for initiative, as you will be full of energy and motivation to achieve what you set your mind to.

Jupiter sextile Pluto brings in changes which are not jarring, rather they are extremely positive as they are the natural progression in your Self development.

In Conclusion

This full moon is the perfect time to bring in fruition the projects you initiated during the last New moon. There might be conflicts during this time but there is also great potential for resolutions and peaceful partnerships.

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catherine poncet January 1, 2018 - 8:43 pm

Very good analysis. Thanks !


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