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Give Up These 12 Things And Abundance Will Find Its Way To You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have some truly twisted notions of what it means to be abundant. It does nothing but dampen our happiness and stops us from being happy with what we have.

Here are the 12 things you need to give up to be truly happy:

1. Stop thinking that the world’s resources are limited and rushing to grab everything before it runs off the shelf. There is enough for everyone if you share.

2. Stop belittling yourself. You deserve happiness as much as the person next to you.

3. Stop blaming others for your own misery. And stop thinking that you’re the victim of their crimes.

4. Stop thinking that you don’t deserve to be abundant, embrace it.

5. Stop hankering back to the past.

6. Stop doubting yourself and your abilities of achieving what you want in life.

7. Stop sabotaging yourself. Half the time you are not succeeding is because you are not letting yourself.

8. Stop believing that if things are coming easy to you, then something is wrong. Not everything has to be a struggle.

9. Stop believing that you have to either be spiritual or you can be happy and abundant. They are not mutually exclusive.

10. We are beings of energy and we need to be very careful of the vibrations we have around us. Do not let negative vibrations clutter your happiness.

11. Stop thinking that the only way to be true to those you call your own is by saying yes to everything they say. True loyalty is when you are willing to show them their faults.

12. Stop being ruled by money.

One final thought. Abundance comes to those who already have it, so be and live abundance, don’t long and don’t wait for it. Create it, here and now!

I hope this list was at least of a little help to you. If you have anything to add to the list, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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1 comment

EL December 31, 2017 - 12:35 pm

Ever consider putting all your suggestions in a positive way?! For instance: Know that abundance abounds everywhere and there is enough for everyone!… Realize your God/dess wholeness, God/dess created you, therefore you are perfect!… Happiness is already a part of you, you were born with it, open and Be… Etc…. Should and shouldn’t(s), along with “Stop doing such and such” only causes and creates guilt and shame… These ego constructs have no place in inspiring a joyful move forward for the new year… When wallowing in negativity, it creates closed mindedness and limitations… Being positive, opens you to possibilities and an abundant receiving vibration… Namaste…


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