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February 2018 Astrological Aspects ∼ Calm After The Storm

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by Conscious Reminder 

After a very eventful January which saw the world trying to get a glimpse of the blue blood moon Eclipse, we have now moved into February and now is the time to know what is in store of us as the Moon makes its way into Virgo.

The Sun is busy as well moving into Pisces closely followed by Venus and Mercury. As the world prepares itself for Valentine’s Day; the signs are also going to experience a lot of change as the hyper energy of past few astrological events finally starts to settle.

Here are the major aspects of February that you need to watch out for:

The first day of February usherd in the meteor season, this time around the rate of sighting meteors is going to be off the charts, ranging from 2 to 7 in a week.  Watching such an event would be easier if you are under a dark sky with no artificial lights around.

The first fortnight will see Mercury transit into Aquarius, a time for a reality check. Every once in a while Aquarius can start sounding like Sagittarius and blurt inconvenient truths. Take a good look at life and see if there are alternative ways of doing things which you have become too used to.

Venus will transit into Aquarius till the 10th of February, the time for action and perhaps a little adventure. Be daring and don’t let anything hold you back; also a good time to invest in your love life.

On the 7th of February, Jupiter will move in close to the Moon, the two would be within approximately just 4°. It is a good time for meditation and taking out time for yourself. Mindfulness activities would be a good idea.

On the 10th of February, Venus will enter Pisces, the world would actually appear beautiful for once. It is the time for love and forgiving and overall positive vibes all around.

Jupiter sextile Pluto on the 15th of February, which is the perfect time to unveil your hidden talents. Take a break from the humdrum of work and spend some time honing your creativity and talents.

The mid of February will also see a partial solar eclipse new moon in Aquarius, this particular solar eclipse would be visible over southern part of south America, Antarctica and some limited locations in Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay etc. Those who can’t see it need not despair, there is always NASA live space cam.

And Mercury enters Pisces on 17th, the time for your intuition to take the reins. Listen to your heart, read what it wants you to read and let the words flow out of you without any scrutiny from your mind.

Followed by the Sun on The next day, as Sun makes contact with Pisces, all the signs will bath in the glow of Spiritual energy. The sun’s glorious aura combined with the energy of Pisces will benefit one and all.

20th and 21st February will see Venus Conjunct Neptune, when the planet of love conjuncts with that of dreams, you can imagine that your love life will take center stage, naturally. Don’t let things overwhelm you and wait for it to ride out.

The whole month Mars will reside in Sagittarius, meaning that we’d be a little wiser about our actions than before because Sagittarius is high on philosophy and wisdom. This also means that confusions would be easier to clear out just by the act of asking.

And the last day of the month is also the last one of winter, the time when we prepare ourselves to welcome spring as the seasons change.

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