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February 2022: Astrological Events That Will Mark The Month

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by Conscious Reminder

The 2022 astrology started with a blast as January offered an overlap of both Venus and Mercury in retrograde.

It made us deeply review our values, relationships, and current plants. Now, February will be continuing with the list of surprises.

Here are all the dates that need to be marked on the calendar for the next month:

New Moon In The New Month

The start of February will be motivational because of the inspiring Aquarius New Moon. Technically, on the western coast, it will happen during January’s dying hours. It means it is one of the rarer Black Moons. But it is still going to be an optimistic note to start February on.

This lunation will be a great chance for setting realistic and hopeful intentions as you embrace the wishes that are most unconventional. It is also going to be an auspicious and bright method of embracing the Aquarius season’s visionary energy.

Mercury Retrograde Ends

The pace will finally be returning to normal when the year’s first Mercury retrograde ends on February 3rd. Even though for some weeks, Mercury will remain in the shadow period immediately following a retrograde, the cycle’s most intense part will end.

This means communication will be clearer, schedules will be more manageable, and stress related to technology should hopefully be reduced. It will be a great chance to begin taking action to attain your goals. You can also try to manage any drama that was induced by the retrograde in your social group.

The end of this retrograde will also mean that no major planet will be in retrograde. This happened last in April 2021. So luck will favor energy that flows forward and use it to make some progress.

The Energy Of Aquarius Season

February’s first couple of weeks will be dominated by the Aquarius season’s forward-thinking and innovative vibes. During this season, all of us will be encouraged to make more connections with the community as well as our uniqueness. We will be asked to visualize what we wish for the collective.

On February 4th, the Sun will align with responsible Saturn. This will help us be more serious regarding our goals as well as set new progressive guidelines for ourselves. On February 14th, Mercury will enter Aquarius to join Saturn and the Sun. This will put a bit more focus on brainstorming sessions, unconventional thoughts, as well as communication among friends.

Action Of The Asteroids

February will have quite a few shifts in the zodiac when it comes to the realm of asteroids. On February 1st, Juno, representing true love, will enter Aquarius. This will make us seek unconventional and unique ways of negotiating partnerships.

On February 8th, Ceres, representing self-care, will enter Gemini. This will inspire us to be more communicative of our feeling while establishing connections with others we continue healing. On February 14th, Pallas, the warrior goddess will Aries. This will make us take bolder decisions.

A Steamy Full Moon For Valentine’s Week

On February 16th, there will be a full moon in Leo, the sign that loves the fun. This lunation will put the spotlight on our feelings and encourage us to boldly request what we desire.

Moreover, romantic Venus as well as Mars, the ruler of sex, will also be joining together in the same zodiac sign on that date. It will offer a refreshing restart to our romantic lives, as well as blend together our values and desires.

Pisces Season Begins

On February 18th, Pisces Season will start. It will mark the beginning of an amazing journey to embrace our artistic visions and sensitive side. Jupiter being in Pisces will heighten the transit as it will serve creativity, abundance, and luck.

The season will be especially magical for exploring the spiritual realm.

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